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Siraya Speaks on Earth’s Unique Ascension Scenario

Monday, April 19th, 2010

There is a message that is ready for me to receive, it seems. Speak clearly to me and identify yourself for posting purposes. I am curious about comments from Siraya/Surea, but I will be pleased to accept what comes.

Jess , this is Siraya. It makes no difference how you spell the name; both are approximations of what is given me. There are things I will to tell you, but tomorrow is a better time for your concentration. We will resume this then. I wish to speak of the relationships in the universe and how Earth’s ascension scenario is a unique manifestation. (more…)

Azreal Speaks on Incarnation Process as Extension of Soul

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Azreal, let’s speak briefly. Explain further about our connection and how you have been guiding me. Suggest where we can go with this. I want to be open to best use of this.

Yes, Jess, I am here. I’m always with you when you ask. I am you, after all. This arrangement, as you term it, is not that unusual. We on this level of spiritual presence often watch over the portion of ourselves that we have selected to enter into an incarnation. The incarnation on Earth, particularly, is for a specific reason that allows the entity to examine parts of himself he could not otherwise. (more…)

Azreal Speaks on His Origins and His Connection with Me

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Let’s try to connect with Azreal or my guardian angels. I ask for clarity on the connection and on how my role is part of a larger undertaking. Speak on what is happening now and give insight into what is coming.

Jess, I can speak with you. This is Azreal, as you call me. I am as you pictured me this morning. I am connected to you by a sliver thread that is an embodiment of our kinship. I am your oversoul, to use that phrase. That means I am the soul of Azreal that is connected to your portion here on Earth. I am the clearing house for how you measure ways to use the form you have selected for learning and experiencing.  I am the source of you, as it were, that provides the template you seek to replicate or recover. (more…)