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Esu Speaks on Love and Connecting to Source

Sunday, December 26th, 2010


Esu, I ask for an update and more commentary on our connection here on Earth with Universal truth. Speak as you can on the timetable and our role. Speak to your expectations of what we need to do to work to your vision for us.

Jess, yes, I am here.The schedule of events as you call it has been tweaked again to allow more impact and produce a wider acceptance of what will take place. Certain events are planned and inevitable, and these happenings will determine the range of choices you inhabitants will make.


Esu Gives a Vision of the Future

Thursday, November 11th, 2010


Esu, I ask for comments on your vision of where we will go after stasis. How will we prepare and how will we address the situation we find when we return. How will we work with remnants of ideas and systems that remain? How will we address memories and beliefs that are at odds with the vision of Christ Michael? Speak on what you see as the most pressing issues and comment on how we can best find a solution.

Jess, there is not much we can speak on this evening. You are tired, and my comments will be extended and cover many points. I will give you an outline, though, and you can be prepared for the direction my comments will go.


Esu Speaks on Sex and Marriage

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Esu, I ask again for you to speak about sex and relationships. There is much misinformation and erroneous perceptions that influence much of what we determine on Earth. We have spoken of this in relation to the project I am working on with gay men, but I see the direction that discussion has gone as applicable to a broader discussion of sexuality and bonding. I ask for your insight and your comments on what I see as confusion on sexuality, sexual relations, marriage, and procreation.

Jess, this is a topic that has vast ramifications for behavior post stasis. The physical instincts will remain because you are still inhabiting bodies that are designed to function in this vibrational frequency. Your bodies have been created to allow you to connect your emotional and experiential reactions to the process you use to make decisions.


Siraya Speaks on the Big Picture of What is Happening on Earth

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Siraya, I ask for commentary from you this evening. Speak of the larger picture of what is happening here, and give me more insight into our history and contact. I feel time is shifting to a new stream and I ask for more awareness and commitment to what is best alignment with Source and Christ Michael Aton.

Jess, this is Siraya. The spelling is not important. I will speak to you again this evening as a context for what you are currently experiencing.

Much of the Earth is due for change. It is time to move the physical manifestation of this concept to a new form. This change is due to many factors, most of which you would not understand. What is change, you ask?


Siraya Discusses the Direction Planet Earth is Taking in Ascension

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Is there a message you want to send through me?

Yes, Jess. This is Siraya. I have much to say regarding the course your Universe and your planet Earth are taking at present. This is the time of completion and renewal. Source has decided that this is the moment when ascension begins. The working out of this decision will take the Earth time it takes. Certain parameters have to be in place for the decision to manifest itself fully in your physical reality. This is a place of slow moving vibration, and materialization in your form is not instantaneous. Your thoughts are connected to our thoughts, but the effects of your existence‚Äôs movements take your time to achieve. (more…)