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Esu’s Autobiography and My Role in His Activities, Part 1

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Esu, will you tell more about yourself? We have had connections for a long time, I am told by you and others, and I am curious to know more. Where was your family from and how did you come to be connected with Earth? How have you come to be in your present position? How will you manifest on Earth? What part will Lady Nada play in this, and is that the preferred way she wants to be referred to? I ask you to speak about yourself this evening, and give us more insight.

Yes, Jess (laughing). You want my life story, do you? That will take longer than you have to write on your computer. Let’s hit the high points then. It will be good for others to see what I think is important for them to know at this point. (more…)