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Esu Speaks on Ascension and Man’s Responsibility

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Esu, I ask for words this morning. Speak of ascension and what that means. Speak of the timetable that is probable. Speak of what we should expect in the next few months. How are galactic forces working with man? How is man awakening to his higher self, and how long is a logical projection? I ask for as many specifics as you feel appropriate to give.

Let’s speak of the things you asked about. Let’s speak of ascension first, and what that means. Ascension is a process that involves raising Earth to a higher level of interaction with the dimensions of energy your planet is directly connected to. Man’s ascension is tied to Earth’s at this point. By that I mean his commitment to his own personal evolution, in spiritual capacity, is linked with his current embodiment as a human on Earth. (more…)