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Esu on Sexual Relations and Changes in Attitudes

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Esu, I want to have you speak more on sex and the sex act. I related to [comments I read] on sexual energy as grounding. I ask you to comment on that and on the practices that have developed among men and women. I understand some physical activities are counteractive, but speak as you have previously on the process we should adopt to work through these attitudes and behaviors in a gradual fashion. It seems to me such abrupt taboos on such an engrained topic will be counterproductive initially. I stand to be corrected if there is a better way to deal with this issue. This topic is not discussed much but I sense it is underlying much of the thinking we are working to change.

Jess, let’s sit and speak of these topics. Sex is a remarkable development that man has manifested to help him understand the transfer of energy between persons and between himself and the universe. It is purely a working out of the physical expression of man’s spirit through his body and mind. It allows the body to connect and refresh itself and causes two physical incarnations to merge into another physical form that is the home for another spirit who wishes to incarnate.


The sex act as you phrase it is more a manifestation of the variables that can color a relationship and interaction. It is the expression of the spiritual union of two separate streams of energy to produce a vehicle for a third. The act involved with sex is primarily a means to produce new physical life. This involves the physical characteristics presented by both man and woman, and it relies on this pairing and merging. The urge to embody this physical behavior is endemic in man because it is the closest he can aspire to spiritual unity while in his physical body. This package of physical and chemical reactions produces the sensation of leaving the body—if only temporarily—while essentially conscious. This feeling of euphoria is the most accessible reminder man has of his true nature as a spiritual being. The pleasure of this moment is the reminder that causes man to seek this state over and over.


Man’s delineation into male and female is a convenience he was gifted with by those controlling his physical make up. It provides a façade of separate physical characteristics that are typically tied to emotional reactions which register as attraction and sexual primacy. Man’s physical form comprises two halves of a sexual couple that together creates the pairing of sexual energy spoken of.


You want to know about gay and lesbian relationships within that paradigm. Man’s need to explore all the ramifications of his personal individuality on Earth causes him to incarnate as various manifestations of gender and sexual attraction to allow him/her to experience the full range of personal interactions. Man attracted to man, or woman attracted to woman is not the issue. This is a perfectly understandable situation that provides cultural situations the person can examine. There is not a prohibition on this or on the fact that same sex individuals create a loving relationship.


The difficulty—if such can be labeled—is that the physical form used in incarnation on Earth is intrinsically not well suited to identical physical expressions between same sex unions.  The process of creating a new life carrier is dependent on the attributes of both sexes.  Specific chemical and psychological input is necessary for forming the physical shell the soul can use. All of these components are not available in male/male or female/female physical parings. The sex act in these cases is only imitative, if still highly pleasurable, but it still uses many of the same structural components. Man’s emotional recognition of basic sexual postures and drives seeks a similar satisfaction in whatever fashion the couple is using to try to produce a sexual coupling and merging of energy.


And some energy is paired and broadcast, even so. Much of the intention and emotional connection inherent in male/female physical paring is still satisfied. The problem comes with the physical body used for this imitative pairing. The lack of chemical elements coupled with the compromised physical form will cause a disruption in the individual’s spiritual functioning. This is so because the physical manifestation the public sees as a unique body is only a manifestation of the individual’s spiritual aura, or etheric body. The energy surrounding the physical form shapes the material body. Attitudes and energetic exchanges with outside bodies aid in creating the structure the physical form takes. The molecules that provide the body’s basic elements are influenced by the world of vibrations they are exposed to, and they take forms that are in sync with either the person’s interior blueprint or more dominant outside control.


Sexual behaviors which imitate other physical and emotional scenarios send distorted signals to an individual’s energy grid and cause reactions that technically are outside the intended scheme of his physical progression. However, the manifestations have been created at this point, and the population’s attitudes and behaviors need to be allowed to process changes in light of greater insight and awareness. This switch will not be overnight. Male/male and female/female pairings should be allowed to develop an emotionally healthy spiritual union. This means respect and compassion, rather than dominance and control over another. This attitude of love and support will help mitigate some of the damaging preconceptions that tend to be triggered by unthinking and unenlightened concepts of sexual relationships.


Physical behaviors such as oral and anal sex are physiologically at odds with man’s physical mechanism in terms of its chemical interbalance, but the public’s acceptance of such actions in circles that favor them is impossible to countermand quickly. A fiat without understanding and scientific reasons would be largely unaccepted. This is a fact. Man’s engrained attitudes in this area are stronger than any other set of assumptions.  A disrupted world in geographical turmoil will not stop this sexual behavior immediately.


Teaching this new thinking will also take time, and the public will have to accept the shift in attitudes because it is spiritually more productive. That is why it will be important to take the sexual scenarios as they are now and work to broaden their understanding in spiritual terms. Once man begins to accept the spiritual component of his existence, he will shift his thinking to embrace all in line with its spirituality. It does little good to condemn without providing scientific and physical arguments that support the claims. Emotional reactions are not educational, and the context for any claim should be provided along with current research and persuasive documentation.

This sounds simplistic, but it will proceed as suggested due to an influx new ideas and information. The physical embodiments of the current behavior will change into more spiritual desires. It is not necessary to set up a series of prohibitions or edicts at this point. All will work itself around to Christ Michael’s spiritual conceptions.