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Esu Clarifies Earth Ascension and My Role, Part 2

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Yes, Jess, let’s continue our discussion. There were some things that were erased last night, but it is no matter. They were more observations of the present and that is always in flux. The reality of the now is fluid and made from possibilities that can be selected.


Let’s speak of the questions you raised earlier this evening. The story of the creation of Nebadon is correct. Christ Michael was a delegate of the First Source and the Havona complex created to create in the image of the Father. Your commentaries were accurate. There is an almost infinitely complex arrangement that has been created to create. There is no way one idea could have created all the grand universes without delegates and extensions of creative energy from the First Source. There is a chain of creation that links back, but it is comprised of links that must be overseen and supervised by higher levels of awareness. There is a hierarchy of creation… The dark was non light and First Source didn’t create a concept of his non existence. He is in everything to an extent, but the strength of his infusion and adjustment is dependent on the level the creation recognizes and seeks to develop.


The dark didn’t recognize the link and visualized themselves as self-creating. They believed the separateness was complete and created a fictitious universe that operated in their own image. Once this idea had manifested, Christ Michael and First Source allowed it to play out. The scenario had been created and the experience needed to be worked through.


I say to you don’t be alarmed by the broader view you have of the parameters of the universe’s operation. This is distinctive and unique, in terms of inhabitants’ perspectives. Allow your mind to be at ease and not struggle with this insight…Reality is a mélange of possibilities and chosen events. Your range of actions is not simple, but the thread to Christ Michael and the First Source is one. There is one underlying truth that all else sits upon, including your own beliefs in particular scenarios to the exclusion of others. This is a base truth that underpins all other truths you see.


This is enough tonight.



Esu Clarifies Earth Ascension and My Role, Part 1

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

Esu, I’m asking for a status report and further clarification of the hierarchy you spoke of last year. The comments then spoke of an arrangement that has not been in the forefront in the last few months. Speak to me again of this and explain how this fits with what Hugh is describing in terms of new energy and merged creation.

Jess. I am here. This hierarchy you spoke of was a new configuration last year… This is correct still and the direction they are steering the ascension is to that end. ..The new direction the Universe, and particularly Earth, is headed will be to explore the ramifications of a new Trinitized form of creative energy. The duality ultimately will be worked through and replaced with a new form of more direct interaction with the Creator. This duality was the concept of the Universe of Nebadon, and it has played out its justification.


This is not a revelation in terms of the hierarchy of the Grand Universe and the Havona complex. There are layers and layers of subordinates and overseers, partly to provide an unbroken chain of action connected with the Creator Source. Everything came from his idea in the first place and all is an extension of him. Each has an overseer to survey the operations of the level or agent being observed. At that level of energy, all is working to the same end, although there are a myriad of ways to arrive there.


You have been told you are from the First Source. Yes. Your role has been as I have told you. You have been preoccupied the last year with continuation of your situation, and we have not been in a position to request you make the change you have agreed to. There is no point in your disrupting your cycle unless it is no longer valid to maintain.


What is my background, you ask, and how do I fit in with all this? I too was one of the agents that helped Christ Michael Aton prepare this experimental universe. We both had also had a role in planning and forming Orvonton. This relationship with the Trinity Spirit was a unique hybrid, and we saw the potential to work within it. When Christ Michael Aton chose to build his experimental universe, we saw the opportunity to contribute ideas and then use the creation for exploring our own spiritual agenda.


We neither one expected the dark would infiltrate the extent it did. We didn’t expect the galactic wars and we didn’t expect the Lucifer rebellion and subsequent quarantine for Earth and some other planets. My experience initially in this Universe was on a planet near Lyra. This was a much higher dimensional planet and we were able to work through the contagion of the dark on our own. The experience there as part of the Kumara family allowed me to participate in similar situations in other locations to help bring oppressed inhabitants to a new level of awareness and action.  I chose to be more of a “warrior” in various incarnations that would directly lead groups to a new consciousness.


You took the teaching role. You wanted to find ways to work with the existing situation and show how to use that to awaken. Your background was through the Pleiades, and you brought this wealth of information to Earth in various ways. We met up at various critical points, although none was as successful in accomplishing our goals as now.


We both agreed to work within Aton’s parameters in this his universe. We were not created here initially, but we both agreed to incarnate to work on problems that had developed. His oversight was considered the law because his plan had been approved before the construction of Nebadon began. This pushed the limits of the flexibility that had been devised to allow a more fluid existence.


Christ Michael has been through several complicating situations and he has had to make several compromises in the way his universe has operated. His decisions have not led to the potential he envisioned because he instituted the free will of his inhabitants on Earth as his own extension of experience.