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Monjoronson Speaks to My Role in the Magisterial Mission

Monday, May 12th, 2008

[Monjoronson is the Avonal sent to Earth to oversee the actual ascension process as judge and will of Paradise Source. He is working with Earth’s Creator Son Christ Michael Aton.]


Monjoronson, I am open to your comments this evening. I ask for guidance and an overview of where the Magisterial Mission is headed. I ask you to speak to your role and to the place Esu and Machiventa will have in the movement. I ask for comments on my place in this work.

Jess, I am Monjoronson. You feel my energy as I speak to you. My thoughts are yours this evening. I see your questions and I answer them with some clarity I hope.


Let me speak first of the Teaching Mission and then explain how the Magisterial Mission I am commissioned to oversee will continue the work that has been prepared. You understand the distinction as you have seen it described previously. The Teaching Mission was begun by Christ Michael to persuade enough of Earth’s inhabitants that the planet was worth salvaging with them still in place.


The move to ascension that had been granted for Mother Earth would typically have taken place with a removal of all or most of the life forms that had not been successful in working to a higher level of awareness and commitment to universal ideals. Christ Michael expressed his desire to maintain a semblance of the laboratory experience he had always envisioned on this jewel planet. For that reason, he instituted a process to move the evolution forward and provided the means to begin raising the awareness of those most suited to become leaders and decision makers as the physical changes inevitably began on Earth.


The Teaching Mission began this work by training a series of receivers who became the voice for the spiritual teachers selected to enlighten those receptive to the messages. This took the form of informal teaching, Internet messages, prompted writings, and conscious persuasion. The minds and attitudes of the receptive embraced the task of persuading others by example and by literal teaching. This went on for a number of years, and the Urantia book was the most authoritative archive of information. Christ Michael also instigated numerous other methods of reaching his incarnated humans on Earth, and the end result has been more successful than he feared, but less globally accepted than he had projected it could be.


I was chosen by Paradise to come to Earth to bring a different perspective to the next phase of the ascension movement. The timing of my arrival and appearance to Earth has always been a factor in determining when the Teaching Mission began and how long the delay of completion of the earlier phase of duality would continue. The two were coordinated together to prepare the mental acceptance and willingness to become involved we would need to be successful.


My role here now is a judge and voice of the will of the Paradise Source. Christ Michael is an expression of that will, but his interests are more personally involved with the state of reality this planet represents in his local universe of Nebadon. He is allowed the freedom to direct his universe as he sees fits within the parameters laid down by the heavenly vision for the creation of the grand universe. I represent a manifestation of those basic laws, and I am on Earth to shape the mass awareness of those living here into a realization of those pervasive laws of the Prime Source. This task involves the assistance of many, and I am fully committed to remaining here until the planet has this alignment.


My task and your role overlap to some extent, but your function is primarily to work with Esu as he goes about teaching and raising awareness around the globe. You will be part of the liaison that works to transform existing ideas into versions that reflect the self responsibility required to exist freely in the new frequency of physical manifestation that is transforming Earth’s existence. You are part of the corps of teachers that have been sent to work within the system Earth has created and help it acquire insight and an appropriate perspective on its relationship with the laws of Prime Source.


You will be an expression of the ideas and will of Esu, an agent of change and the visible manifestation of the governing spirit that is overseeing the switch to a higher level of awareness. In keeping with the planet’s unique distinction of being the home of Christ Michael’s seventh bestowal in a modified joint incarnation with Esu Immanuel Kumara, the appointed overseeing galactic Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizadek is also sharing the position with Sananda Esu Immanuel until Esu feels his specific focus is realized. Machiventa is the spiritual embodiment of the law of creation, and Esu is the physical manifestation of the law in somewhat human form. He will continue in his mentorship role until it is no longer needed and man is capable of full commitment to the ideas of Christ Michael and the Creator Source.


I will not speak of the timeline of the projected geophysical events looming. I will say that Earth must be cleaned and typically her inhabitants have shirked their responsibility. Those who volunteer and continue to be watchful and involved will be blessed.


This is Monjoronson speaking to Jess.