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Esu Explains How Universal Energy is Core of Man’s Behavior

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Esu, I ask for clarity. I see this now as learning, but where am I in the scheme of things? I see levels of visibility with other groups collecting and ask for the assurance of my place. I ask for a solution and a new direction that simplifies this conflict.

Jess, let’s speak. This is Esu, not your mind. It was an interesting premise you seized upon this morning. We are all learning, that is true. The significant thing to remember, however, is that all knowledge is useful only to the extent it clarifies your own personal mission and mandate. Not everything is applicable to you within the focus of your vision. Peripheral images and information color the context for the truth, but they do not change the applicability of the truth to you.


What is your truth? It is to serve me at this point. We are setting things up that will be for the betterment of man and the planet. Trust me on this. I know that you get frustrated with the delay and with the changeability of the game plans. This is because of free will, as you read from Tahuti. This creates a malleable energy construct that always needs accommodation. Our goal is to work with this as it changes.


The concept of malleability is a working fact in the structure of Universal design. Energy flows and each composite physical nexus is not fixed, but amorphic.  Energy seeks a like or compatible frequency to connect with and continue its linkage.


This rule of Universal energy is the core of man’s behavior and determines his relationship with the energy that is around him. The pure energy of the Creator fragment that resides in him is the pattern for all the slower and less refined vibrations that make up the rest of his physical body. The lesser frequencies all seek the higher vibration of the Creator’s fragment for alignment and unity. This adaptability is the characteristic of man, and his exposure to the divided reality that is built around duality is dependant on this ability. Reality seems to come at him in opposite possibilities. He is surrounded by a any number of viable options, and his task is to weigh the ones that present themselves to him to determine which option is the one most suited to his individual personality and purpose.


The delays that have been a seemingly constant feature of the move to a higher vibrational reality have all been caused by man’s unpredictable free will decisions. We have had the technical ability to intervene in man’s affairs at any time we wished. The outcomes would be less positive than the one that is presenting itself at the moment, however. This is the nature of delays in this instance. Each time a projected date or time frame is reached without the anticipated results being accomplished, man assumes the decision was solely made by overweening galactic forces that were essentially controlling everything anyway. He places the blame solely on them, without thinking that he—in the broader sense—has as much responsibility in choosing when something actually takes place. Man’s reactions and choices shape the structure of the intervention that is possible. The galactics are content with any variation Christ Michael has determined is the one he prefers. They work to his call, and make no judgments as to the benefit of the choices.


Man with his involvement on Earth literally shapes the form of the higher manifestations that occur on other levels. Man is concerned with shape and scheduling. He sees the efficiency of the galactic process and seeks to incorporate that into his own mundane situations. This draw to the higher galactic truth is the dichotomy that has shaped man’s life on Earth. Since he has been conditioned to forget even more than he did originally, this search has often been outside in various tools for awareness, rather seeking the truth inside himself. This latter is very simple, but often ignored when new trends are being taught. The Creator’s spark is within, not without, and the frantic activity to amass great wealth or property is a moot issue with regard to the success in finding the inner truth of the Creator’s reality.


This awareness must be realized again. This perspective is being realized by more and more each day, but the mass conception of this truth is still incomplete. Man senses his innate link to the Creator, but he doesn’t yet see it with open eyes, nor construct his behavior around its considerations.


This awareness of a new reality is the key issue that I will be bringing to Earth as Planetary Prince. I will instruct that behavior must be conditioned by an awareness of the inner reality of the Creator spark. Man must re-align his thinking to acknowledge his unity with his Creator. Attitudes and conceptions must be factored by this awareness of unity with the Universe and the Creator Son. Decisions must be evaluated and determined by this identification with Universal truth.


Spiritual unity is more the province of Lord Buddha. He will be the one determining the validity of processes in the sense of spiritual balance and growth. His role as spiritual logos is parallel to mine as Planetary Prince in charge of manifested examples of energy awareness. Together we will supervise man’s ascension process. My consort Lady Nada will be providing the example of feminine energy that has been neglected these many years in favor of the dominating masculine energy that has cause such an unbalanced state in man’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.


This is sufficient this evening. I will speak further.


Esu, Planetary Prince.