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Esu Speaks on Providing a Tool through Art to Reach Man’s Higher Self

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

Sananda, I ask for an update, if you will give me one. I understand there is a timetable. Can you comment on it? I sense things falling into place for me. I see a blossoming of initiatives. I ask for insight and support. I am thrilled with the work with Audrey and I suspect that is a necessary link that will be for the future. Thank you for helping me see what I see now.

Jess, call me Esu. That is the name I prefer to use with my friends. Sananda is a title and I don’t stand on such formality with you. We have known each other for a long time. This link has never been broken, only we have pursued other aspects of our education and inspiration.  We have not always been this connected. Now is a time to rekindle our closeness. This is a friendship and a love that has no bounds. We are part of the same thread and you are a valuable helpmeet for me. You have brought a miraculous  erspective to Earth that has allowed men to shift their thinking more easily, whether they were aware of it or not. You predisposed them to seek the higher ideals, the higher connecting with something they saw as better for their lives. This took many guises and was often unconsciously chosen. Yet they had the belief that something would make them right with themselves and with others. They looked  or this in many ways. You brought this linkage that they have been using all these many years. Yes, you did this. You introduced it in Atlantis. Man had never had a concept of using a tool to reach his inner self. He had always used his own approaches until he forgot the way in. You provided the method for this to reconnect. This was what you brought.

There is a timetable and the time is short. I can’t speak to you about the details, only to say that next week should be the telling of the tale. You should prepare for things to change. Prepare for things to undergo a remarkable shift in awareness and perspective. I will help you prepare for this. Let’s continue these conversations each evening. I will continue to strengthen your linkage.

Do I have an insert?

LOL. No not that kind. We are implanting in you seeds of additional perspective and understanding. We are coming to you periodically, almost every night, to prepare you for what is t  come. You are not making this up. I know you have a hard time totally believing this, but we are working with you to move you into a new sphere of yourself. This will involve greater assistance than you have had previously. We have let you find your way back, and we are now in a position to help you move much faster toward your goal. You shouldn’t be overly distracted by peripheral agendas and people. The true needs you have will be met.

Good night, Esu.