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Esu Speaks on Creating the Future

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

Esu, I ask for information and guidance today. I need help holding my focus in the face of other activities that are ongoing and require participation as well

Good morning, Jess. We are working hard to wrap up all the loose ends that must be taken care of before we can launch stasis. I realize we have said this many times before, but each time previously we have had unanticipated events happen that have derailed the progress before it reached its goal. This is the situation with the so-called predictions and prophesies. They are projections of almost certainty but the final piece is not there to cause them to materialize. The public’s anticipation and impatience are nothing more than their lack of belief in their role in shaping the future and their inability to envision the complexity of creating the vision they see and assume will happen. I keep remarking on this because there is a common misinformation about the role of channeling and prophecy. If it were absolutely fixed and accurate, then there would be no evolution and no way to create a new future. Have they thought of that?

There is only now that is absolutely certain, and it changes immediately. The past is not fixed, as well, and the future has yet to be designed, if it has even been envisioned. Beyond the absolute that ascension and change will occur, there is no preconceived path that is the “correct” way to follow in getting there. Each of the infinite individual personalities and life choices is the Creator Source’s way to experience his creation. All possibilities are equally an option. That includes alignment and non-alignment.  I’m trying to say to you that all possibilities are ways the Creator learns through his creation. None is considered better or worse. Each is a vehicle. The only goal is to re-align with the Creator’s fullest expression of his envisioned idea.

All life style options are possibilities, and all are part of the embracing outreach of the Creator Source. Each super universe and each local universe such as Nebadon are distinct manifestations of possibilities of learning and reconnecting. The Creator Father’s ideas are actualized by the Son and the Holy Spirit. All is an extension of his thought. He learns through all. Your judgments of good and bad and appropriate and incorrect are only perceptions based on your experiences and preconceived thoughts. You have been taught at some point that certain behaviors are “better” and more spiritual because of a set of rules those who have wrested power have constructed to control you. Religion is powerful control couched in political assumptions that are colored by guilt. The religions leaders play on this conditioned sense of infallibility and conviction to manipulate behavior and belief in their favor.

The information you continue to seek is, in fact, unknowable. Circumstances determine choices and create reality as a result. The “predictions” of NESARA and the announcements are based on the structure pre-formulated in preparation of the manifestation of the proper circumstances for them to be followed. The tools for their manifestation are ready and well-rehearsed. The decision to begin them has yet to be made. Christ Michael created this Universe for his envisioned ideas and he alone determines when all the pieces or components of his complex ascension puzzle are in their place. The scenario is vast and the check list of necessary elements is immense. Most have been achieved at this point, and the time is whenever Christ Michael determines he is satisfied with their completion.

The impatience you have is an inevitable by-product of the existence you are conditioned to refer to. You have been taught to expect instant gratification from without to satisfy your personal indecision and lack of inner certainty. Having a base of surety with your own personal goals recognized and acknowledged will eliminate the need for verification or guidance from someone outside your own self. If you know your purpose and are confident the path you are following is the one that will lead to greater and greater re-connection with the Creator Source, then outside events or attempts at persuading you to change your personal discernment are ineffectual. When that happens, you also realize that your personal life path is no better or worse than the one of the person attempting to persuade you to change yours. All paths at whatever level of awareness and alignment are equally valid explorations recognized by the Creator.

I can’t say when at this point. Things are contingent on Jupiter and stasis beginning. The balance is tipping again to the side of Jupiter first. This is moving towards a culmination before the end of this year while Jupiter is behind the sun. Many are pooh-poohing this idea. So be it. This is happening and their perceptions will shift when the proof of its occurrence is visible incontrovertibly.

This is Esu Immanuel Kumara, Sananda and Planetary Prince.

Esu Speaks on My Connection with Azreal

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

Esu, I ask for guidance and comments this evening. I ask for more focus and greater ease in staying in focus. Help me see how I should do that. Speak of the times if you will, and let me know more of the updated information.

Jess, welcome back. This is like coming home from the wilderness. You have a chance to shift your thinking to a more pertinent topic. The sessions were good, as you know, and you readily see the value of what you have learned so well over the years. This will be a source of much information and insightful guidance.


…This is a time of adjustment, as you have heard the others say. Your physical bodies are acclimating themselves to the ever increasing amounts of energy they are absorbing. This is causing a reformation of your DNA and a change in your physical appearance in gradual stages. You are becoming more adaptable and more in tune with the variances you are experiencing. The comments of fatigue and tiredness reflect the extent you are adjusting.


The experience of channeling is excellent practice, as well. This is a practice you, Jess, should become more familiar with. The concept is really no different than the typing you are doing now. You just transcribe my ideas through verbal means rather than on the computer. You also have the ability to be relaxed and flexible with your commentary. This will be an easy adjustment for you to make, you realize. The experience you’ve had transcribing my words through written records will be a tremendous boost in speaking for me…


Lets speak a little on Azreal, or Azrael, as the/your name is normally spelled. The spirit that is Azreal is a source for the component that has been your spark for all these many incarnations on Earth. As an aspect there is also the certainty that more of your almost unlimited spirit is acting in other capacities. One has been these many years on Earth as the embodiment of the Angel of Death envisioned in various religious incarnations as a dark brooding character with a scythe. This is man’s perception of a being of light that was involved with the energy transfers delegated to those incarnating in this troubled sphere…


However, this was not all you were involved with. You also created the image of Azrael the death stalker. Who was Azreal? He was the spirit of the Creator Source sent out to find ways to connect. He lived in Havona and gradually lowered his vibrations enough to enter into the marketplace of experiences he sought through Christ Michael, to use that name. You have been told your place as advisor and co-creator partner of Christ Michael. You remember almost none of this, but your attitudes and gestures have always been influenced by your past. There are many incarnations you sought to further your influence and experience.


This is enough for this evening, I think.



Esu Explains How Universal Energy is Core of Man’s Behavior

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Esu, I ask for clarity. I see this now as learning, but where am I in the scheme of things? I see levels of visibility with other groups collecting and ask for the assurance of my place. I ask for a solution and a new direction that simplifies this conflict.

Jess, let’s speak. This is Esu, not your mind. It was an interesting premise you seized upon this morning. We are all learning, that is true. The significant thing to remember, however, is that all knowledge is useful only to the extent it clarifies your own personal mission and mandate. Not everything is applicable to you within the focus of your vision. Peripheral images and information color the context for the truth, but they do not change the applicability of the truth to you.


What is your truth? It is to serve me at this point. We are setting things up that will be for the betterment of man and the planet. Trust me on this. I know that you get frustrated with the delay and with the changeability of the game plans. This is because of free will, as you read from Tahuti. This creates a malleable energy construct that always needs accommodation. Our goal is to work with this as it changes.


The concept of malleability is a working fact in the structure of Universal design. Energy flows and each composite physical nexus is not fixed, but amorphic.  Energy seeks a like or compatible frequency to connect with and continue its linkage.


This rule of Universal energy is the core of man’s behavior and determines his relationship with the energy that is around him. The pure energy of the Creator fragment that resides in him is the pattern for all the slower and less refined vibrations that make up the rest of his physical body. The lesser frequencies all seek the higher vibration of the Creator’s fragment for alignment and unity. This adaptability is the characteristic of man, and his exposure to the divided reality that is built around duality is dependant on this ability. Reality seems to come at him in opposite possibilities. He is surrounded by a any number of viable options, and his task is to weigh the ones that present themselves to him to determine which option is the one most suited to his individual personality and purpose.


The delays that have been a seemingly constant feature of the move to a higher vibrational reality have all been caused by man’s unpredictable free will decisions. We have had the technical ability to intervene in man’s affairs at any time we wished. The outcomes would be less positive than the one that is presenting itself at the moment, however. This is the nature of delays in this instance. Each time a projected date or time frame is reached without the anticipated results being accomplished, man assumes the decision was solely made by overweening galactic forces that were essentially controlling everything anyway. He places the blame solely on them, without thinking that he—in the broader sense—has as much responsibility in choosing when something actually takes place. Man’s reactions and choices shape the structure of the intervention that is possible. The galactics are content with any variation Christ Michael has determined is the one he prefers. They work to his call, and make no judgments as to the benefit of the choices.


Man with his involvement on Earth literally shapes the form of the higher manifestations that occur on other levels. Man is concerned with shape and scheduling. He sees the efficiency of the galactic process and seeks to incorporate that into his own mundane situations. This draw to the higher galactic truth is the dichotomy that has shaped man’s life on Earth. Since he has been conditioned to forget even more than he did originally, this search has often been outside in various tools for awareness, rather seeking the truth inside himself. This latter is very simple, but often ignored when new trends are being taught. The Creator’s spark is within, not without, and the frantic activity to amass great wealth or property is a moot issue with regard to the success in finding the inner truth of the Creator’s reality.


This awareness must be realized again. This perspective is being realized by more and more each day, but the mass conception of this truth is still incomplete. Man senses his innate link to the Creator, but he doesn’t yet see it with open eyes, nor construct his behavior around its considerations.


This awareness of a new reality is the key issue that I will be bringing to Earth as Planetary Prince. I will instruct that behavior must be conditioned by an awareness of the inner reality of the Creator spark. Man must re-align his thinking to acknowledge his unity with his Creator. Attitudes and conceptions must be factored by this awareness of unity with the Universe and the Creator Son. Decisions must be evaluated and determined by this identification with Universal truth.


Spiritual unity is more the province of Lord Buddha. He will be the one determining the validity of processes in the sense of spiritual balance and growth. His role as spiritual logos is parallel to mine as Planetary Prince in charge of manifested examples of energy awareness. Together we will supervise man’s ascension process. My consort Lady Nada will be providing the example of feminine energy that has been neglected these many years in favor of the dominating masculine energy that has cause such an unbalanced state in man’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.


This is sufficient this evening. I will speak further.


Esu, Planetary Prince.

Esu Speaks on Gay Relationships in the Future

Friday, October 19th, 2007

Esu, I ask for comments this evening. I am prepared for whatever will happen. I ask that it be tonight. I don’t know the circumstances of today, but if they were like mine they were not accommodating. I ask for an update and I ask for as much of a time frame as you will give me tonight.

Jess, let’s speak. How are you now? I see and feel you are better, more balanced and resolved to pursue the direction that must be followed to move Earth in the direction she must go. I am speaking to you tonight as Planetary Prince, although that is not the role you will must know me.

I want to say some things that are givens and let you see the parameters you will be working within. This is nothing you are not already aware of, but I want to remind you to prepare you for the future that will be coming soon.

I know you are working with gay relationships, but this is ultimately the sort of pairing that will not be continued. The need for your work now is necessary, however. Many, many man and women will come to this idea feeling threatened or judged. This is not the case. The truth is scientific and universal. This is based on energy exchanged and there must be the sort of energy give and take that is embodied in the male and female body types. The chemical reactions unique to each are necessary to produce the reactions that must be continued in the physical forms you are inhabiting.

I will stress that your work is necessary in order to bring awareness and a sense of reason that considers the alternatives. This is the first step that must be taken. It serves no purpose now to declare one way is the way it must be and everything else must stop. The animosity and the rejection that will be forthcoming is a state to be avoided.  What you will do is introduce phases of growth and understanding. This is a longer term process that will take several years, your time. I am looking at a time when revelations and spiritual growth are paired and interactive…

I say goodnight to you this evening. Rest well and see what tomorrow brings. It may surprise you.  Esu.

Esu, Nada, and Christ Michael Aton Speak on Relationships

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Esu, I ask for comments today. There seemed to be an insistence. Speak now.

Yes, Jess, I wish to speak to you this evening. …I am speaking to you through your head. This is a version of the cranial implant we have given [others], although yours is less a physical version than one that was genetic and is now activated. This was the reason for the consistent headaches and throbbing in your temples. Your crystalline link was being activated and tested.

I know you think this message is bogus, in part, because you have just awakened from your nap, but your link is clear and we are speaking to you through my voice to you. I say we because there are several who wish to speak through you this evening.

I will speak first. I am Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara and I have the position of Planetary Prince. I will be taking over this position on Earth in physical form as a symbol of Christ Michael’s lordship as Creator Son of Nebadon. His plan for his Universe is clear and determined. The fact that you have free will on Earth is of no consequence in his overall plan for the ascension of this solar system and your planet. It will happen. Your participation is one aspect of this plan that colors the direction it takes as part of its creation. You are assigned the task of shaping this move. This has been your role always, and you have created the place you are now. You chose to come to Earth at this time to implement the necessary shifts that allow Earth to complete her role. You have a symbiotic relationship with her, and your decisions have always had an impact on her visage. She has allowed you to corrupt her surface and deplete many of the necessary elements that form the nutrients she needs as a living planet. This was her gift to you to allow you discover your own self identity. You are recognizing some aspect of that almost too late to save her.

Therefore, Christ Michael and forces from all across his galaxy have come to assist with the repair and reconstitution of your Mother. This is the compassion you will discover must take place in your interactions with each other as you move into your future. This selfless willingness to participate is inbred in your DNA and must be re-activated to allow your continued ascension as beings of light. This is part of your destiny and now is the time to recognize this.

I speak as the temporal leader who will embody Christ Michael’s wishes on Earth. I will be joined by the Buddha, who will speak to Christ Michael’s spiritual wishes. Together we will represent the spiritual manifestation of the Universal Law. The advocacy of Monjoronson as the Avonal Magisterial Son is the contributed force from the Creative Source in Havona. He was sent as counterpart to Christ Michael to judge the manifestation at this point in its ascension and make the authoritative decisions as to the direction it takes in its next phase. This shift you are experiencing in its beginning phases will move in the timing of Monjoronson. It has never been completely detached from the will of the Creative Source, although Christ Michael was given the lead to design his universe as he saw fit.

It is analogous to your free will on Earth. It is free within the larger scope of the determined wishes of some level higher that is responsible ultimately to the determination of Trinity. Free choice can be overruled by a higher choice.

I will now give the floor to my spiritual counterpart Lady Nada, the voice of feminine energy and will.

Jess, let me speak to you again this evening. You hear a different voice from me as a gentler speaker from Esu. He is speaking more formally today, and I am speaking more familiarly. He spoke of me as his counterpart, and I represent the yin to his yang. This masculine/feminine dichotomy has had a place in all your religious and philosophical expressions of the design of the cosmos. You have instinctively created a place for the feminine receiver of the masculine wishes and ideas. Creativity has come from concept. Concept has been nurtured by emotion and comfort. Comfort has been expressed through physical love and spiritual bonding on many levels of understanding.

This duality of one whole will be represented by my manifestation with Sananda Esu on Earth as his consort Mary Magdalene. The spiritual marriage will be visible recognized and accepted as the paradigm of human relationships. This may take many forms, but the universality of the male/female pairing will be acknowledged and revered as part of the compassionate unity that Earth’s inhabitants will recognize and seek to exemplify.

 The notion of spiritual pairs will be explained and clarified as part of the shift you will be making. You will each see the bond that is necessary for your completion as a spiritual being, and you will understand the need for you to have one.

 I speak now. This is Christ Michael Aton, as I have come to be called. My will is that Earth ascends. To that end I have taken over the process and am now controlling the complete scenario for this to happen. I have let man play out his games of control and dominance over others. It has served a purpose in his education, but it is now finished. I will no longer tolerate the delay in acknowledging my wishes. I will no longer allow those at odds with my purposes to direct the progress of my planet. I have been generous to a fault, and I have allowed the perception that I am weak and vacillating in my decisions. This was my prerogative and my choice. I have been imagined as many types of deity and ignored by many as unnecessary or peripheral. I am not. I am the Christed Michael who created the Universe of Nebadon of which the planet Earth is an integral part that I designed specifically. I created the concept that is Earth. I chose all the elements that comprise her manifestation. I allowed all forms of physical actualization as a means to realize my vision for her.

I chose to allow dark elements at odds with my vision to take over my creation. I chose to quarantine my planet to protect the rest of my Universe, and I agreed to allow spiritual masters to incarnate here to attempt to work out a resolution from within and under the limitations of duality. I watched this for eons and I saw it almost succeed and fail. I was determined not to allow this to happen again and I chose to make my final bestowal as a physical embodiment here to redirect the flow of man’s energy streams in an inevitable path I created through my incarnation.

This has led to now, this time. Man has done what he could do from within. There is no more he can accomplish without my direct intervention. I have the complete authority to intervene as I choose and redirect the ascension of my Earth as it needs to be.

 That is what is now happening. You will see the results shortly.

This has been Aton, the Christ Michael of Nebadon speaking through his voice Jess Anthony on this evening of the beginning of the intervention.