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Esu Speaks on Creating the Future

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

Esu, I ask for information and guidance today. I need help holding my focus in the face of other activities that are ongoing and require participation as well

Good morning, Jess. We are working hard to wrap up all the loose ends that must be taken care of before we can launch stasis. I realize we have said this many times before, but each time previously we have had unanticipated events happen that have derailed the progress before it reached its goal. This is the situation with the so-called predictions and prophesies. They are projections of almost certainty but the final piece is not there to cause them to materialize. The public’s anticipation and impatience are nothing more than their lack of belief in their role in shaping the future and their inability to envision the complexity of creating the vision they see and assume will happen. I keep remarking on this because there is a common misinformation about the role of channeling and prophecy. If it were absolutely fixed and accurate, then there would be no evolution and no way to create a new future. Have they thought of that?


There is only now that is absolutely certain, and it changes immediately. The past is not fixed, as well, and the future has yet to be designed, if it has even been envisioned. Beyond the absolute that ascension and change will occur, there is no preconceived path that is the “correct” way to follow in getting there. Each of the infinite individual personalities and life choices is the Creator Source’s way to experience his creation. All possibilities are equally an option. That includes alignment and non-alignment.  I’m trying to say to you that all possibilities are ways the Creator learns through his creation. None is considered better or worse. Each is a vehicle. The only goal is to re-align with the Creator’s fullest expression of his envisioned idea.


All life style options are possibilities, and all are part of the embracing outreach of the Creator Source. Each super universe and each local universe such as Nebadon are distinct manifestations of possibilities of learning and reconnecting. The Creator Father’s ideas are actualized by the Son and the Holy Spirit. All is an extension of his thought. He learns through all. Your judgments of good and bad and appropriate and incorrect are only perceptions based on your experiences and preconceived thoughts. You have been taught at some point that certain behaviors are “better” and more spiritual because of a set of rules those who have wrested power have constructed to control you. Religion is powerful control couched in political assumptions that are colored by guilt. The religions leaders play on this conditioned sense of infallibility and conviction to manipulate behavior and belief in their favor.


The information you continue to seek is, in fact, unknowable. Circumstances determine choices and create reality as a result. The “predictions” of NESARA and the announcements are based on the structure pre-formulated in preparation of the manifestation of the proper circumstances for them to be followed. The tools for their manifestation are ready and well-rehearsed. The decision to begin them has yet to be made. Christ Michael created this Universe for his envisioned ideas and he alone determines when all the pieces or components of his complex ascension puzzle are in their place. The scenario is vast and the check list of necessary elements is immense. Most have been achieved at this point, and the time is whenever Christ Michael determines he is satisfied with their completion.


The impatience you have is an inevitable by-product of the existence you are conditioned to refer to. You have been taught to expect instant gratification from without to satisfy your personal indecision and lack of inner certainty. Having a base of surety with your own personal goals recognized and acknowledged will eliminate the need for verification or guidance from someone outside your own self. If you know your purpose and are confident the path you are following is the one that will lead to greater and greater re-connection with the Creator Source, then outside events or attempts at persuading you to change your personal discernment are ineffectual. When that happens, you also realize that your personal life path is no better or worse than the one of the person attempting to persuade you to change yours. All paths at whatever level of awareness and alignment are equally valid explorations recognized by the Creator.


I can’t say when at this point. Things are contingent on Jupiter and stasis beginning. The balance is tipping again to the side of Jupiter first. This is moving towards a culmination before the end of this year while Jupiter is behind the sun. Many are pooh-poohing this idea. So be it. This is happening and their perceptions will shift when the proof of its occurrence is visible incontrovertibly.


This is Esu Immanuel Kumara, Sananda and Planetary Prince.