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Sananda Speaks on How My Work Now is Part of My History

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Sananda, I ask questions this evening out of curiosity .. I think knowing my level would give me more insight.. Am I working here for a long time? I can see the rewards of that, although it will be difficult. Also wondrous. Thanks for addressing these things this evening, if possible or appropriate.


Jess, let’s speak privately this evening. You asked questions that will give you insight into who you are and where your purpose lies. This is not a bad thing. This is information you can use in your own way to make better decisions as we become more open and more visible.


Let’s speak of your history first. You are a descending son from Havonna. This is a true statement. You have been involved in the creation of this Universe from the beginning and you have known Christ Michael Aton since he conceived the idea of creating the Universe of Nebadon This was his concept of creating a place for new creators. This is unique in the cosmos. This planet particularly is one of seeding many other future universes and galactic situations. The future is endless and you will be prepared to deal with the most difficult situation that has ever presented itself in the history of creation. It cannot happen again in this guise because you know the causes and can ward them off in the future.


You came to Earth, as we have told you, with intent to restore some of the linkage to inner truth that had been lost in the beginning of duality. You felt that man needed a way to begin reconnecting through outside elements. This you devised and this you brought to him. You have been here working undercover and in states of ignorance since the time of Atlantis. You were not here physically before, although you have been connected with the spiritual shaping of the planet and its inhabitants. You have brought your particular insight to Earth.


This you have done in many lives and in many guises. You will be rejoining us once we reappear on the visible scene. You will take your place as a tool for reclamation and a voice for our teachings. You will work particularly with gay men, and this method you are devising will be a help to many. You will also be working with energy balancing in general. Your method is geared to what they know already, and it will allow them to work to higher levels of understanding themselves and their place in the cosmos through this Universe of Nebadon.


You are right to continue planning your websites. This will be the initial contribution you will be able to make. We will help you prepare for this, and you will be connecting with the right people for this to happen. Take it in the steps you have been taking. Work on the Reiki site first. The materials are falling into place, and you will soon have the materials and information you need to create the website. ..


We see you staying here and working far into the future. This is something you would like to pursue and we can make that possible. You can make that possible. This will allow you to continue working with generations of incarnates and enable you to shift into newer realms of balancing and connecting to higher truths. Be assured you won’t be taken sooner than you anticipate. I understand your desire to be considered attractive to others and have the energy and experience you need. This is not an egotistical desire. You see the benefit of having that link to your future practitioners. It will take some time before the gay perception is changed to one of more universal awareness. This is what you see your work will be in this life. This will be good and useful to our attempts to awaken more people quickly to the unity that characterizes the mass conscious of the Universe.


This is enough for this evening. Rest on these comments and digest their import.


We will be coming soon.


Esu speaking to Azreal. Brother and lover. Yes, this has happened.