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Sananda Speaks on Tantra and Sexual Energy

Tuesday, July 4th, 2006

Sananda, I come again today for some guidance in the process I am working to formulate. I have questions about the chakras, the placement, and the colors. I sense the traditional format is changing and moving into an expanded form. I ask for further insight, and ask for clarity on the method.


Jess, let’s speak again today on chakras and things that glow with color.


The format you seek is the … expanded version … everyone is becoming. Yes, it is true that it is based on the traditional seven points of chakra, but the energy involved with the old form is moving into new positions and causing new circles of energy to be formed to serve the new expanded body and mind.


The Tantra format you read about is the base—yes, it’s true—but the Taoist microcosmic orbit is an explanation that allows further energy work within the context of your Tantric Sei Reiki. This North/South hybrid is the yin/yang duality you envisioned. The Indian fire has pierced the coldness of the Northern Chinese and Tibetans. The vajra is the symbol you will use. The diamond jade lingam, as you called it. It symbolizes penetration and erection and is more direct and useful than a circulating energy orbit that keeps out the flow of sexual energy by penetration and self stimulation by avoiding orgasm.


The sexual energy is not dissipated by orgasm. This is a myth. Energy cannot be destroyed by man. It is just transformed into something else. It becomes reabsorbed into the body and acts as a creative element in a diffused state. Ejaculation is a goal for the immature, however. It is worth learning how to control the flow physically. The energy generated is more contained and more focused. This is not the energy contrived by orgasmic manipulation through sound and mental pictures. There are levels of orgasmic energy just as there are levels of sexual involvement. The orgasm is the physical trigger that the body is reacting to the overwhelming power being generated by sexual coaxing.  The energy is more practically kept inside and used to continue entraining additional sexual reactions. There can be no end to this interaction—only the physical apparatus stopping it by becoming tired or sore—once the ability is obtained to control the flow of the energy. You know how to practice this. You must develop this skill yourself. It involves practice and physical health, as you know.


My directions to you at this point are to describe the traditional Tantric chakras and show how they are expanding in higher consciousness, such as you are teaching through your Tantric Sei Reiki. This will allow you to explain the violet cleansing method in more detail. This is a good method to introduce at this point. The practitioners are ready to begin cleaning their own thoughts and preconceptions. The phrase “I take all my thoughts since my last cleaning” is perfectly adequate to focus their intention. The mind knows much beyond the obvious. They will grow stronger in manifesting each day they do the cleaning.

It is time to continue working on this method. You should continue practicing yourself to gain expertise and a sense of energy flow you can transmit to others through attunements. The distance attunement is the most powerful, although there will be time when personal attunement is required…

There is more we can say later, but now is time to pull back and let this digest.

Sananda Immanuel