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Lady Nada Speaks on Truth of Relationship between Sananda and Mary Magdalene

Thursday, May 18th, 2006

I ask for comments this evening from Lady Nada, otherwise known as Mary Magdalene. We have not connected frequently, but I suspect there is a bond between us that I would like to strengthen. Of course, this is a time of particular focus on the Magdalene story. I do ask if there are comments you would make on that topic, as well as the role of the feminine in Earth changes. I recognize the pairing you have with Sananda and celebrate the twin soul merging you have realized.


Of course, Jess, I will speak with you. This is a glorious time on Earth. The return of the feminine energy is what was needed sorely to balance the harmony possible on Earth. For too long the feminine mystique or energy was missing from the equation of man’s endeavors. I say man literally. Man ignored woman and the female perspective to the detriment of all he pursued. He blindly lashed out at his fellow man in a false understanding of balance and cooperative power that comes from blending energies. Man is created to share his energy with the woman, as you so term them. This gender description is less defined in higher levels, but it still is the basis of shared energies with individual, distinctive make ups.


As souls are created, the Father Creator sends out sparks of himself in groups of energies. These sparks are bonded together in the sense that they have the same creative thrust, but they are separate in the sense that they are parts of a composite. These parts take the form of twin souls and group souls. There are pairings within the groups, as well as single entities that look for the entire group. This origination as a complex sets them on a course of attempting reunification once they assume their separate personalities and begin exploring their own assignments and interests.


Sananda and I were part of the same mix of souls. We were, in fact, paired as two halves of the same concept of knowing how to stay in connection with our divine creative spark despite the trials we would find ourselves undergoing. This awareness of the Creator was always there. This predisposed us to be beacons of lights that could show others the way to find their own inner connections. I pursued this through the heart and its influence on thoughts and emotions. I became the feminine receptive side. Sananda pursued this through the mind and its influence on actions and decisions. He became the masculine leader and initiator. We were a team that provided the full interaction that each man must seek and determine for his own enlightenment.


My role in this equation was long ignored and even hidden. I was castigated as my incarnation Mary Magdalene. I recognized that it was vital I incarnate at the same time Sananda Immanuel was incarnating as Jesus of Nazareth as part of the paired energy with Aton—Christ Michael, as you call him. His/their role was going to be crucial to the history of this planet, and it was necessary I be there to complete the energy composite that had to be created to trigger the shift that took place at that time.


Jesus Immanuel and I were lovers in the sense primarily of two halves sharing their energies. This was what has been referred to as sharing and merging our kundalinis. We became one again after many years of separation. This created a wave of new balance and harmony that helped raise the awareness enough to begin the move toward man’s self awakening. Our roles here at that time were to embody the physical and emotional aspects of the spiritual merging. We had a physical relationship as well as an emotional and mental understanding that went beyond any other. That is why I am described as understating Jesus Immanuel’s teachings better than anyone else. I saw the level of truth that was being expressed in ways others could not.


Historically speaking—which is what is of interest to many reading this—Jesus and I never married in a formal sense, but we did have the child Sa Ra, who was born after I arrived in France. That is, of course, the source of the Grail legend. Jesus and I separated in the confusion of the crucifixion scenario, and he had to flee to the East. He has told his part of the story in the Phoenix Journal he coauthored with Judas Iscariot, his friend. Jesus did go to India, and Mary his mother went with him. He formally married there and raised another family of literal descendants in India and Pakistan. That story is also true.


My history has been told in many new books, the most well known is, of course, the one the movie is based on. This is true in part and fictitious in parts. Where does the truth lie, you ask? My daughter Sa Ra did have descendants, and they are part of the hidden lineage that the Vatican and other political powers have tried very hard to exterminate. The truth in all this will be revealed soon, as well as the truth about Jesus Sananda and me, Mary Magdalene. I have come to resume my rightful place as consort with Sananda. Together we will be the example of a unity of paired souls that will inspire future relationships man will pursue. I have come to bring balance and compassion again.


I will speak to you again of your role in all this. You are a special soul that is also part of our group. That is why we have had many interactions over the centuries, and are now working together for the same goal. Sananda and I were your parents, just as you and each of us have been paired at various times through the centuries and eons of our looking for our soul group.


Rest well this evening.