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Sananda Speaks on Sexual Energy and Same-Gender Sexual Activity

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

Sananda, I ask for comments from you today. This has apparently been a watershed weekend. My physical condition seems changed. My perspective seems secure. I ask for more guidance and direction how to steer this new course. I ask for additional insight into the sexual nature of the work. I ask for more information on the course of events in the next few days. There is a thrilling feeling that I can touch. I ask for always more and for a closer connection in tangible ways.


Jess, this is Sananda. How you are today is of great concern to us. This linkage you have with the dark is a troublesome connection that must be watched closely to ensue that you d not stray from the course we are steering through you. This is a vehicle that works for a greater benefit than many others at this time of weakness and tentative conviction. You have proved yourself magisterial in your fixed attention to this process and we salute your devotion. This is a troublesome course you have tackled and we are always there to help you navigate it.


Let us speak of the issue you face. One is that you will surrender to the dark attraction that is ever present. This is a mental fixation that can overtake your physical conditioning. Even though your body is changing to adapt itself to the new vibrational levels, it still can be contaminated by the wrong or impure direction or focus you can pursue. This will take up valuable time in causing you to lose your focus on synthesizing the material you have gathered. This is a wealth of insight that can provide a new way of thinking through the problem that gay men have created. We will help you stay focused on the issues at hand.


This is a new freshness you have experienced and we want to maintain its newness and novelty in connection. This shows you a new way to think about traditional approaches and assumptions. The comments from Soltec were the tip of where you want to focus your attention. The reversed energy focus that gay and homosexual interests have generated is of major concern. This can be reversed through a re-assessment of the spiritual nature of the whole physical process. This re-thinking can be the result of the physical process you are devising. Let’s take it further than we have in terms of physical/spiritual connections. Let’s be more open about its purpose and more explanatory of its linkage with higher spiritual elements.


Talk more about this if you will?


Yes. The physical structure that is created when two males or two females engage in physical sexual relation is a hybrid of the structure that was intended to be created in a male/female pairing. The physical shape of the two genders’ bodies is designed to fit together as a giving/receiving, yang/yin pair. This interaction is carried through to the linkage between the physical organs and the exchange of seminal fluids. Men give up a positive charge and women receive it through their negative receptacle. This causes an interaction that results in a cancelling out of individual identities and a merging of the two into one new form that arises from the cancellation of the two individuals. This energy exchange is referred to in various ways, but most notably the creation of new physical identity—or more exactly the physical carrier for a new personal identity. This new identity is using the elements of the two merged energies to create his or her new personality. These two have come together to create the ingredients for the new person, and the physical body that emerges is a result, or manifestation of the merged and cancelled individual energies.


Gay sex creates an energy imbalance. The physical appurtenances are not suited to the chemical/physical exchange the same gender partners do not contribute the positive/negative elements needed for true merging. This becomes a power play or struggle, with a stronger and weaker—often a shared responsibility—that is explained in the terminology of a traditional, natural relationship. This is complicated by the fact that from a physical standpoint it (gay sex) touches on many of the same physical triggers conventional/”natural” sex does. From the stand point of physical exchange as foreplay to the actual fluid exchange, it serves the same purposes. The fact that gay men are perhaps more in touch with both their masculine and feminine energy sources creates an even more intense emotional and mental picture of what is happening physically. All of these reactions and receptions are energy exchanges and they register in identical ways within the gay mindset that has been accepted.


The physical acts are however, aberrations of the designed roles for those used body parts. The anus is not designed as a fluid receiver capable of absorbing seminal fluid the way a vagina is. The physical sensations are defined by the mind as similar. They are not, although they are physically stimulating and activating the same nerves that are connected to the prostate and the muscles connected with orgasm and ejaculation. This linkage has become packaged as a substitute and an equal of regular sex. It is only a mental excuse, quite frankly.


However, a culture has developed around this activity and it is firmly established as a physical alternative at this point in time. The manifestation has been created and it is necessary to work with the given to re-direct it away from its use for dominance and subjugation. Most don’t think it in those terms, but the core emotional issues involved are derived from those intentions.


How do we begin to approach this, you ask? Yes, I see your questioning.  You need to explore the range of issues connected with how people/men relate to each other sexually. This is a vast topic, of course, and you won’t be the only one working with this. Your particular focus will deal with men drawn to the arts. You have an insight through your work that will allow you to link with them  you will be able to approach them in much the same way you led yourself into this position of inquiry. Think how this can develop. This is a specific focus that speaks to a certain clientele. This is the one you feel most comfortable with. The range of clients will be enormous you can work with, and you will feel overwhelmed at times with the nature of what you are undertaking. Despite your sense of security and support, you still will feel, at times, that the direction you are headed is the wrong way. Just ask and it is instantly clear. You will learn yourself in time that you see your role clearly. As the years pass, you will be firmly in control of your direction. This is new at this point and you need direction, as you point out…


Will you tell me more that I can write down? Or will you change your comments?


Jess, I can tell you things but they are all based on supposition or possibilities. This physical interaction is something you on Earth must initiate. It is not an activity we can be a part of in this spiritual form. You must be the physical agents for us. We provide the stimulus and the energy reservoirs, but you must be the agents of these changes. The hypothetical scenario is that. It is dependant on you fulfilling the sketched picture. The energy has been tipped and the movement is now downhill toward the inevitable conclusion. The momentum is taking it faster and faster and it will be only a very short time until the eruption necessary will occur. It can happen today. It can happen tomorrow.


Is there a new form of energy that is arriving on schedule that we will have to accommodate?


Yes. This energy of this weekend is an example of that… You yourself felt a change. This was an actual change and the Creator Source was part of that realignment. You felt your body be filled up with new energy, and this was what I spoke of. It is now more stable and working in a new direction. You won’t have immediate effects, but your mechanism has been altered. You should have a sense of groundedness. You woke up this morning with a real sense of security and protection, didn’t you? This is a symptom of the shift. There will be more as the days pass. There will also be more political and cultural activism each day until the overthrow is inevitable. Wait for it…


I won’t ask again when. It will happen when it does. I do have your assurance it will happen?


Yes. So be it in the name of I AM.

Commander Monka speaks on Sexual Comments by his son Soltec

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

I would like to connect with Monka, if you are available to me. I ask you to explain the connection I think has happened… The statement by Soltec this morning—assuming he made it—seems to lead me to think about ways this sexual disruption can be changed and cleaned. I see that as part of the purpose of the bodywork I am heading toward. I ask for comments and hope for continued connection.

Monka, are you here?


Yes, Jess. Now we can officially begin our conversation. The dinner chat last night was a good introduction to me and allowed you to see that your vision and assumptions were not misguided. That is our ship you saw to the right of the moon the other night. The other planet is Venus—the evening star. Yes, you surmised correctly. Why would there be a single star shining different colors—hum? We were there to monitor the events happening on the east coast and in your area of the country. This is not the full spaceship connected with your thoughts of either the Phoenix or the Capricorn. This you see is a shuttle craft we use for observation and research. We are based on the Phoenix with Ashtar and Aton whom you call Christ Michael. Helena and the Capricorn are designated for research and environmental work that she has been describing to Hal. You spoke with her one evening, as well. [Yes we tend to know what communications have gone on because we can pick up the energy of the conversation.]


You ask about me and my mission. And Soltec, I suspect you want to know. I realize he sounds hot to you. He is a perfect embodiment of what you on Earth call a handsome man.  I look more like you, as a matter of fact. Gray hair and a body that is sturdy and solidly mature. We are from the Pleiades originally. That you heard correctly. We have come to help with the mission and have been based on Mars most recently. All the stories you have heard are true, by the way. The base on Mars is underground and the history of the planet is much as Hoagland has surmised in his articles and essays. You should know. You have been there yourself at one point. This was a stepping stone to Earth as you prepared to begin your mission here those many years ago in Atlantis. We know your history and your achievements, and look forward to resuming our acquaintance in person.


Let’s talk about the sexual incident Soltec referred to in his message …. This was intended to pique your interest, you realize. Now is the time for you to begin directing your thinking on the ways the gay focus can be re-channeled into a more spiritual use of sexual kundalini. The insertion from CM on the weekend was also a way for you to direct your thought. This is a major stream of evil and darkness that has developed over the years and it unfortunately has garnered the reputation of being as natural as male/female coupling. It physically is not and the anus is not as designed for entry as the vagina and the vulva. The physical construction of the woman’s opening is different than the anal design. The ass was designed for expelling—the reverse of taking in the energy from a man. The sexual proclivities that have developed around anal sex have—as Soltec intimated—caused a reverse of the energy direction involved in the kundalini merging. It has short-circuited the energy consciousness of that portion of the male anatomy. This is difficult for you to understand totally, but you see the implications of a reversed intention becoming a fixed decision. The whole sexual lifestyle developed around male to male coupling has been a hybrid that has depended on a weak and a strong assuming the roles. That is why the power implications have been so prevalent. That is why domination and torture have become an optional direction.


This is not evil that is damning, but a misdirection that needs to be modified and turned toward the light again. The only way you can approach this behavior at this point is to approach it from the anal state it is. You have to be able to work with the given and then try to shift the direction of the thinking. This will ultimately become more celibate and masturbatory for both sexes. Merging will become a choice that is used only for certain circumstances to produce offspring and children. But there are levels you have to work through to get to that stage…


Namaste for the evening. We well talk more later. Look up and see our ship.

Christ Michael speaks on My Past and Relationship with Sananda

Sunday, April 16th, 2006

Christ Michael, I ask for further comments from you today. I see things happening in increments but I envision more now. I ask for guidance and request completion. I anticipate the reality of the changes I see with joy. This is Easter with the tradition of rebirth. I ask for this to be. And it is so.


…This is a day of rebirth and fruitful fecundity. This is a day of wholeness and completion. The many trials that you have gone through are finished, as far as your carrying the karma of past lives. This has been removed and you have been cleaned of this. You are now a blank slate to begin your work for the light of my coming.


My coming is not Sananda’s coming. We are coming as separate beings, although I am a part of him by virtue of his being my creation. To your eyes we are separate, although you will know and understand that we are one—just as you are one with us. Your role in this drama/catastrophe it has been was to help man see his way out. You provided tools for him to work through his grief and problems. You provided him the mechanism to avail himself of the higher insights even he could reach through art and looking inside to his most personal motives and feelings. This was the role you gave yourself, lo, at the beginning of the creation of Earth-Shan. You suspected this flaw could develop and prepared your mechanism and process to alleviate the things you foresaw would happen.


You have done this as we have told you and as you are beginning to suspect yourself. You came from Havona originally—you were one of the Central Race who had the templates to carry out the Father Source’s vision for creation. You had been given the tool to make the change that would be needed if a certain scenario developed. You did not create the scenario, but you were aware of the possibility of it manifesting.


And it did with the help of the off-world visitors who took over the development of this planet. You had prepared for this eventuality on Merope, or Meiope as it is. Actually one of the thousands of planets circling the star you call Merope. The world you bestowed yourself on was a watery blue planet that was filled with souls who explored the range of truths that could be derived from outside manifestations of ideas. You learned to differentiate between the levels of purity and were able to see how this perception could be adapted to enable those without a knowledge of the full picture to still connect with their instincts and feelings—as isolated as they appeared to be.


The role of art, as it came to be called, was a development you ushered into the world as Atlantis was entering its last throes. Up to that point there was not a perception of the fuller picture of reality that could come from a masculine/feminine, universal awareness of self-identification. This perception came with the arrival of you and others as healers and guides.


Morrnah [Simeona, originator of revised version of ho’oponopono process] was there, as you know, in the guise of one part of the being that is now known as Sananda. Morrnah is an aspect of the soul that became Immanuel. She and he are both parts of the one thread that was created to bring inner connection. You knew how to connect the outside manifestation with the inside and she/he knew how to link the inner perception to the universal. You worked together and created the tools that art now plays in spiritual discernment and enlightenment.


Let me insert that this was a sexual relationship much as you are investigating with the Tantric and Taoist methods. It was not procreative, but was a spiritual energy sharing couched in physical terms. This is the same sharing Jesus Immanuel Sananda carried on with Mary Magdalene and his wife who took her place in India. He also shared this energy with men and this is the role you have assigned yourself this time around. Look to Sananda and John and see how this manifested itself then. He can speak to you further about this when the time comes for you to explore this method further. You are now assimilating pieces of the process you will need to develop later. This will need further physical discernment and careful construction and sequencing to accommodate the energy limits you will run into. This will involve working with the anus with men of this persuasion. There is no other way this merging can be approximated. Mutual masturbation and oral work cannot provide the complete nexus you will want to work with. I know this goes against the physical parameters that are optimum, but there is no other way this locus can be arranged with gay men. This will be a step into another level and will be a compromise that will yield a positive result eventually. This can be resolved with further enlightenment and awareness of physical purpose and structure.


[Esu] was the soul manifestation that I felt would work best with my mission on Earth two thousand years ago. His purpose was the expression I felt would best work in this time. We merged as a unit to be a teacher and spiritual icon. He was not the Son of God in the sense most assume. However, he was part of the thread that you were also part of that was designed to guide and lead people who were lost back to their inner selves and their innate connection with the Father Source through me. This was our task then, and this is our task now.


The outcome will be different, and there is no need now to merge into one. We will be one as two, with separate personality streams that connect with our own individual focus this time around. Sananda will be the leader; I will be the Father of all who is acting as a surrogate for the Father Source’s ideas. It is impossible to explain that more fully at this time…


Manifest your own intentions as a positive affirmation. This is a reality you can envision for yourself. You are creating your reality now. See it become physically visible.


This is enough for today. Christ Michael Aton.