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Sananda Speaks on the Spiritual Purpose of Sexual Union

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006

Sananda, I ask for guidance this evening. We have much to talk about, I suspect. I sense that I am moving ahead as needed, but I anticipate further clarity and insight from you and others. I feel I am being carried forward in this. I sense the involvement of others in this major block we have to work on. Help me see more and strengthen my conviction and my resolution.


Jess, my boy. How are you this fine evening? This is a good time to talk. This is a good forum to convene, as it were… It will begin the movement many need to begin looking at their convictions about themselves and about their place in the world as it is to become. This is an issue that must be addressed. It has become distorted over the years and the purpose of the sexual union and communion as designed by your makers has been lost in a flurry of political struggles and marketing ploys.


This attitude to sex has become a pervasive layer on all of society’s thoughts. Few can move into a genuine exploration of concepts and ideas without referring to sexual attitudes or sexual behaviors. This is completely lopsided in the grand scheme of things. This pervasive reference to sex and sexual attitudes has twisted everything that man has been achieving in the last hundred years. This may seem an extreme statement, but sexual conceptions—whether they be power or feelings of superiority have influenced every attitude that has a cultural grid or under girding.


Your work is manifest. Your work is designated and destined to effect much healing and shifting of attitudes. This will take place more [later]. However, [the place you are in currently can help] formulate your ideas and work on methods you can incorporate into a practice later. This is the birth of your precepts and concepts. You have the basic underpinnings now, but you must derive what you are going to say and plan your lessons accordingly. The information you need is here basically. You just collate your disparate facts, as you have put it, and begin to find an order to the way you introduce the method to others.


I see you doing workshops here and… elsewhere. This is a revolutionary method that actually does effect the changes you describe. This method is the same as will be used in other physical situations. This is a similar method to what [others have] used; the sound is the key… The pitch has an impact, but the pattern of pitches has the most changeable aftereffects. The pattern of pitch shapes provides the vibrational pattern you need to shift the one that is out of balance. This faster vibrational speed causes the slower, imbalanced one to change into the new one that has been introduced. This is the method. Higher, purer pitches take other misshapen and out of balance pitches into higher realms of union and capacity building…


Goodbye for the evening. Namaste, Sananda Immanuel.