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Siraya Speaks for Sananda on Sexual Power

Tuesday, January 10th, 2006

Divinity, I ask for commentary this evening. I see a tension and uncertainty. I ask for balance and for compassion. I ask for more clarity on what I should do. I ask for strength. I ask for information if there is some I should hear and relate. Keep me close in my connection.


Jess, yes, I am further away this evening. The comments I have to make to you are good and cautionary. This is a time of much upheaval, as you will see tomorrow. The game is set and the piece is now moved into place. This is not a time for me to intervene in the workings of this universe of Michael’s. He used my advice in constructing his vision, and I have a vested interest in its outcome, but it truly is his to determine and decide how he wants it to function. It fulfilled his concept of exploring duality in its lowest 3-dimensional construct and now he wishes to absolve these issues and move on to a new set of parameters in another, higher dimension of light vibrations.


It is time for this move and it is due. Mother Earth, as you call her, is overdue and is patiently waiting the freedom to begin moving and changing as she must to resume her previous status and form. This will be a wondrous event and it will have immense ramifications on your world and the place it occupies in the future as part of this galaxy and Universe.


You as a collective whole have a major part in this determination. You as an individual have a role to play in helping men in particular see their place in the scheme of this shift. You will help them to see their power and their place in the flow of activities. This you can trigger with a focus on their sexual components and on their use of the power they have innately. This is not a time for them to abuse their power, and it certainly is not a time for them to abuse anyone else with this power. For too long this has been their perception of this ability. This had led to imbalance and dominance over others that are couched in sexual terms and reactions to sexual scenarios. They seek out reinforcement of previously held conceptions. It is time for them to release these conceptions and find new ways of connecting their sexual energy into a broader, universal vision of unity and interactive sexual dialogue. Their contribution is magnified and expanded beyond what they see now.


As you see, you will help then find this new direction in sexual power. You will enable them to remove emotional and physical blocks in their makeup and allow them to touch new capacities within themselves that they never realized. This will be the purpose of the bodywork. More and more it will become a combined synergy of the aura work and the bodywork. They can and do go together. You must find the proper hook to tie them together. This can lie in the Sei Reiki concepts. You are able to couch sexual imagery and habitual behavior in terms of sexual symbolism and spiritual connections through the symbols and practices.


Think on how this can be. You have time to construct your method further. You will be at leisure in a short while. You can formulate your process further and realize the need to relocate and change the direction of what you are doing now. Various people will come into play with this new approach. New clients and new lovers and acquaintances…


This is all for this evening. You will sleep on these things and wake refreshed to new information and new discoveries. The time has come and tomorrow is another day.


Namaste. Siraya for Sananda this evening.