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Esu Speaks on Creating the Future

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

Esu, I ask for information and guidance today. I need help holding my focus in the face of other activities that are ongoing and require participation as well

Good morning, Jess. We are working hard to wrap up all the loose ends that must be taken care of before we can launch stasis. I realize we have said this many times before, but each time previously we have had unanticipated events happen that have derailed the progress before it reached its goal. This is the situation with the so-called predictions and prophesies. They are projections of almost certainty but the final piece is not there to cause them to materialize. The public’s anticipation and impatience are nothing more than their lack of belief in their role in shaping the future and their inability to envision the complexity of creating the vision they see and assume will happen. I keep remarking on this because there is a common misinformation about the role of channeling and prophecy. If it were absolutely fixed and accurate, then there would be no evolution and no way to create a new future. Have they thought of that?


There is only now that is absolutely certain, and it changes immediately. The past is not fixed, as well, and the future has yet to be designed, if it has even been envisioned. Beyond the absolute that ascension and change will occur, there is no preconceived path that is the “correct” way to follow in getting there. Each of the infinite individual personalities and life choices is the Creator Source’s way to experience his creation. All possibilities are equally an option. That includes alignment and non-alignment.  I’m trying to say to you that all possibilities are ways the Creator learns through his creation. None is considered better or worse. Each is a vehicle. The only goal is to re-align with the Creator’s fullest expression of his envisioned idea.


All life style options are possibilities, and all are part of the embracing outreach of the Creator Source. Each super universe and each local universe such as Nebadon are distinct manifestations of possibilities of learning and reconnecting. The Creator Father’s ideas are actualized by the Son and the Holy Spirit. All is an extension of his thought. He learns through all. Your judgments of good and bad and appropriate and incorrect are only perceptions based on your experiences and preconceived thoughts. You have been taught at some point that certain behaviors are “better” and more spiritual because of a set of rules those who have wrested power have constructed to control you. Religion is powerful control couched in political assumptions that are colored by guilt. The religions leaders play on this conditioned sense of infallibility and conviction to manipulate behavior and belief in their favor.


The information you continue to seek is, in fact, unknowable. Circumstances determine choices and create reality as a result. The “predictions” of NESARA and the announcements are based on the structure pre-formulated in preparation of the manifestation of the proper circumstances for them to be followed. The tools for their manifestation are ready and well-rehearsed. The decision to begin them has yet to be made. Christ Michael created this Universe for his envisioned ideas and he alone determines when all the pieces or components of his complex ascension puzzle are in their place. The scenario is vast and the check list of necessary elements is immense. Most have been achieved at this point, and the time is whenever Christ Michael determines he is satisfied with their completion.


The impatience you have is an inevitable by-product of the existence you are conditioned to refer to. You have been taught to expect instant gratification from without to satisfy your personal indecision and lack of inner certainty. Having a base of surety with your own personal goals recognized and acknowledged will eliminate the need for verification or guidance from someone outside your own self. If you know your purpose and are confident the path you are following is the one that will lead to greater and greater re-connection with the Creator Source, then outside events or attempts at persuading you to change your personal discernment are ineffectual. When that happens, you also realize that your personal life path is no better or worse than the one of the person attempting to persuade you to change yours. All paths at whatever level of awareness and alignment are equally valid explorations recognized by the Creator.


I can’t say when at this point. Things are contingent on Jupiter and stasis beginning. The balance is tipping again to the side of Jupiter first. This is moving towards a culmination before the end of this year while Jupiter is behind the sun. Many are pooh-poohing this idea. So be it. This is happening and their perceptions will shift when the proof of its occurrence is visible incontrovertibly.


This is Esu Immanuel Kumara, Sananda and Planetary Prince.

Sananda Speaks on How My Work Now is Part of My History

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Sananda, I ask questions this evening out of curiosity .. I think knowing my level would give me more insight.. Am I working here for a long time? I can see the rewards of that, although it will be difficult. Also wondrous. Thanks for addressing these things this evening, if possible or appropriate.


Jess, let’s speak privately this evening. You asked questions that will give you insight into who you are and where your purpose lies. This is not a bad thing. This is information you can use in your own way to make better decisions as we become more open and more visible.


Let’s speak of your history first. You are a descending son from Havonna. This is a true statement. You have been involved in the creation of this Universe from the beginning and you have known Christ Michael Aton since he conceived the idea of creating the Universe of Nebadon This was his concept of creating a place for new creators. This is unique in the cosmos. This planet particularly is one of seeding many other future universes and galactic situations. The future is endless and you will be prepared to deal with the most difficult situation that has ever presented itself in the history of creation. It cannot happen again in this guise because you know the causes and can ward them off in the future.


You came to Earth, as we have told you, with intent to restore some of the linkage to inner truth that had been lost in the beginning of duality. You felt that man needed a way to begin reconnecting through outside elements. This you devised and this you brought to him. You have been here working undercover and in states of ignorance since the time of Atlantis. You were not here physically before, although you have been connected with the spiritual shaping of the planet and its inhabitants. You have brought your particular insight to Earth.


This you have done in many lives and in many guises. You will be rejoining us once we reappear on the visible scene. You will take your place as a tool for reclamation and a voice for our teachings. You will work particularly with gay men, and this method you are devising will be a help to many. You will also be working with energy balancing in general. Your method is geared to what they know already, and it will allow them to work to higher levels of understanding themselves and their place in the cosmos through this Universe of Nebadon.


You are right to continue planning your websites. This will be the initial contribution you will be able to make. We will help you prepare for this, and you will be connecting with the right people for this to happen. Take it in the steps you have been taking. Work on the Reiki site first. The materials are falling into place, and you will soon have the materials and information you need to create the website. ..


We see you staying here and working far into the future. This is something you would like to pursue and we can make that possible. You can make that possible. This will allow you to continue working with generations of incarnates and enable you to shift into newer realms of balancing and connecting to higher truths. Be assured you won’t be taken sooner than you anticipate. I understand your desire to be considered attractive to others and have the energy and experience you need. This is not an egotistical desire. You see the benefit of having that link to your future practitioners. It will take some time before the gay perception is changed to one of more universal awareness. This is what you see your work will be in this life. This will be good and useful to our attempts to awaken more people quickly to the unity that characterizes the mass conscious of the Universe.


This is enough for this evening. Rest on these comments and digest their import.


We will be coming soon.


Esu speaking to Azreal. Brother and lover. Yes, this has happened.

Sananda Speaks on Tantra and Sexual Energy

Tuesday, July 4th, 2006

Sananda, I come again today for some guidance in the process I am working to formulate. I have questions about the chakras, the placement, and the colors. I sense the traditional format is changing and moving into an expanded form. I ask for further insight, and ask for clarity on the method.


Jess, let’s speak again today on chakras and things that glow with color.


The format you seek is the … expanded version … everyone is becoming. Yes, it is true that it is based on the traditional seven points of chakra, but the energy involved with the old form is moving into new positions and causing new circles of energy to be formed to serve the new expanded body and mind.


The Tantra format you read about is the base—yes, it’s true—but the Taoist microcosmic orbit is an explanation that allows further energy work within the context of your Tantric Sei Reiki. This North/South hybrid is the yin/yang duality you envisioned. The Indian fire has pierced the coldness of the Northern Chinese and Tibetans. The vajra is the symbol you will use. The diamond jade lingam, as you called it. It symbolizes penetration and erection and is more direct and useful than a circulating energy orbit that keeps out the flow of sexual energy by penetration and self stimulation by avoiding orgasm.


The sexual energy is not dissipated by orgasm. This is a myth. Energy cannot be destroyed by man. It is just transformed into something else. It becomes reabsorbed into the body and acts as a creative element in a diffused state. Ejaculation is a goal for the immature, however. It is worth learning how to control the flow physically. The energy generated is more contained and more focused. This is not the energy contrived by orgasmic manipulation through sound and mental pictures. There are levels of orgasmic energy just as there are levels of sexual involvement. The orgasm is the physical trigger that the body is reacting to the overwhelming power being generated by sexual coaxing.  The energy is more practically kept inside and used to continue entraining additional sexual reactions. There can be no end to this interaction—only the physical apparatus stopping it by becoming tired or sore—once the ability is obtained to control the flow of the energy. You know how to practice this. You must develop this skill yourself. It involves practice and physical health, as you know.


My directions to you at this point are to describe the traditional Tantric chakras and show how they are expanding in higher consciousness, such as you are teaching through your Tantric Sei Reiki. This will allow you to explain the violet cleansing method in more detail. This is a good method to introduce at this point. The practitioners are ready to begin cleaning their own thoughts and preconceptions. The phrase “I take all my thoughts since my last cleaning” is perfectly adequate to focus their intention. The mind knows much beyond the obvious. They will grow stronger in manifesting each day they do the cleaning.

It is time to continue working on this method. You should continue practicing yourself to gain expertise and a sense of energy flow you can transmit to others through attunements. The distance attunement is the most powerful, although there will be time when personal attunement is required…

There is more we can say later, but now is time to pull back and let this digest.

Sananda Immanuel

Sananda Speaks on Reiki Streams and Sexual Relations

Sunday, June 4th, 2006

Sananda, I ask for information and instruction from you. I understand you have things to tell me and ask to be guided to increased clarity and insight.

Jess, it is indeed a fine evening for you. This is the beginning of a major change and shift for you. This evening marks the first of the stages you will undergo to be transformed into a new person with new intelligence and new insight. You consider that a heady thought—whatever that word means. It is an awesome thing that is happening to you, and you are to be congratulated for arriving at this point in your history. This is the start of your watershed. Things will be different from now on.


I ask for strength and sharpness of understanding.


That shall be yours, of course. This is all about your increased awareness and your willingness and understanding of what your role is and how you will shape events for others.


Let’s begin. I want to speak of your place here now. You will be creating a new method for approaching the spirit through sexual elements. This is a culmination of many of your interests and this will be the final synthesis of those disparate threads. That is an appropriate word to describe what you are undertaking, for it is a new amalgam of interests that combines East /West and masculine/ feminine in a way that leads beyond their previous focuses on one gender, or one nationality or system.


This method will be the Tantric Sei Reiki we have launched today. This will encompass much that you have explored with [your master] in the Sei Reiki form, and it also will include much of what you have been practicing yourself in your own meditation practice. It will have elements of Fabian’s work, along with aspects of a few others. This is a synthesis that works to connect gay men with their lost spirituality and the energy that undergirds it. This method will have Eastern and Western elements in a synthesis of styles and thoughts that will appeal to understandings of a wide range of people. You will have many who find your method an interesting extension of existing Reiki practices; others will approach it through the Body Electric sexual work. Others will find it for its sexual components alone. However they come to you, you must be sure they discover the wider range of spiritual movement that allows the sexual decisions and actions to take place.


There is an energy that forms the core of the universe. This is most completely characterized as love and it connects all together. The sexual current rides on the flow of love, and the connection between two people that culminates in a sexual encounter is based on the love between them.


This has become badly distorted over the many generations that have perverted the true nature of relations and sexual exchange. Sexual activities are, in essence, a pure exchange of energy in a give and take linkage. This is the basis of all. Man with man has distorted this exchange. The logical biological results that come from sexual joining are a merging of elements into the form of a new person. This natural merging is disrupted in male/male parings (also in female/female pairings, but that is not your concern at this point).


This disruption has led to a physical rupture in the energy stream that causes a new channel to be formed to carry a misunderstood message of connection and compassion. The new message is one of taking rather than giving. The relationship becomes one of assertion and surrender. One person is dominating the behavior of the other. It rarely leads to co-equal interchange. More often than not, the exchange is one of controlled behavior and emotional reactions. Or, the emotional reactions are disregarded and the mental interpretation is distorted as a result. Rape and submission become necessary elements for approval and connection. The search for union has become colored with the impression of hurt and dominance. The concept of relationship becomes skewed, and pain becomes the norm.


Twisted attitudes become standards for behavior, and decisions begin being made based on the expectation of loss or pain as a payment for connecting with someone else. This becomes defined as love and joy, when, in fact, it is pain and dis-ease.


This is also carried over from former lifetimes, and behaviors then affect reactions today. Brutal treatment of both men and women in other lives produces a recurring fixation that plays a part influencing current reactions. Because of this predisposition, men seek out other men—consciously or unconsciously—who will reinforce their recurring karmic scenarios. This can also be released.


The best way to circumvent these attitudes it to start from scratch, where the strength of individual reactions and responses are less tainted by the overlay of someone else’s wishes. The person loses his sense of dependence on another person and allows himself to honor his own feelings and reactions. His own awareness of himself is given preeminence. This is allows to drive his emotional responses, rather than his mental constructs based on pain and dominance-produced suffering.


Once the person is able to honor his own reactions, he is able to begin a more assured interchanged with another of like mind. The two are then able to express their own feelings and share their own special triggers with each other. This can and should lead to a physical sharing between the two. This is explained in terms of physical connection, but also there is its spiritual component, in the fact that the bonding is going on at several levels.


This is the direction your bodywork is going to take. This will shore up a client’s self-confidence, as well as allow him to find others to bond with.


This is also to be tied into the method of cleaning that is most appropriate for him. This will involve removing thoughts that may be still there and allow his being to fill with joy. The process then becomes a cleaning tool as well as a means to discover the client’s own personal joy and personal integrity which is expressed through their own purpose.


This is enough on this evening. You have made a good start and are beginning to see the complexity of what you are beginning to describe. This is a new hybrid that will provide a new way of thinking for millions.


Let me also say that we will begin working on you also this evening. We are going to help your physical body to make it more responsive to the new energy and new ideas that are going to start flooding into your consciousness.


Namaste, my brother and friend. Sananda Imma

Lady Nada Speaks on Truth of Relationship between Sananda and Mary Magdalene

Thursday, May 18th, 2006

I ask for comments this evening from Lady Nada, otherwise known as Mary Magdalene. We have not connected frequently, but I suspect there is a bond between us that I would like to strengthen. Of course, this is a time of particular focus on the Magdalene story. I do ask if there are comments you would make on that topic, as well as the role of the feminine in Earth changes. I recognize the pairing you have with Sananda and celebrate the twin soul merging you have realized.


Of course, Jess, I will speak with you. This is a glorious time on Earth. The return of the feminine energy is what was needed sorely to balance the harmony possible on Earth. For too long the feminine mystique or energy was missing from the equation of man’s endeavors. I say man literally. Man ignored woman and the female perspective to the detriment of all he pursued. He blindly lashed out at his fellow man in a false understanding of balance and cooperative power that comes from blending energies. Man is created to share his energy with the woman, as you so term them. This gender description is less defined in higher levels, but it still is the basis of shared energies with individual, distinctive make ups.


As souls are created, the Father Creator sends out sparks of himself in groups of energies. These sparks are bonded together in the sense that they have the same creative thrust, but they are separate in the sense that they are parts of a composite. These parts take the form of twin souls and group souls. There are pairings within the groups, as well as single entities that look for the entire group. This origination as a complex sets them on a course of attempting reunification once they assume their separate personalities and begin exploring their own assignments and interests.


Sananda and I were part of the same mix of souls. We were, in fact, paired as two halves of the same concept of knowing how to stay in connection with our divine creative spark despite the trials we would find ourselves undergoing. This awareness of the Creator was always there. This predisposed us to be beacons of lights that could show others the way to find their own inner connections. I pursued this through the heart and its influence on thoughts and emotions. I became the feminine receptive side. Sananda pursued this through the mind and its influence on actions and decisions. He became the masculine leader and initiator. We were a team that provided the full interaction that each man must seek and determine for his own enlightenment.


My role in this equation was long ignored and even hidden. I was castigated as my incarnation Mary Magdalene. I recognized that it was vital I incarnate at the same time Sananda Immanuel was incarnating as Jesus of Nazareth as part of the paired energy with Aton—Christ Michael, as you call him. His/their role was going to be crucial to the history of this planet, and it was necessary I be there to complete the energy composite that had to be created to trigger the shift that took place at that time.


Jesus Immanuel and I were lovers in the sense primarily of two halves sharing their energies. This was what has been referred to as sharing and merging our kundalinis. We became one again after many years of separation. This created a wave of new balance and harmony that helped raise the awareness enough to begin the move toward man’s self awakening. Our roles here at that time were to embody the physical and emotional aspects of the spiritual merging. We had a physical relationship as well as an emotional and mental understanding that went beyond any other. That is why I am described as understating Jesus Immanuel’s teachings better than anyone else. I saw the level of truth that was being expressed in ways others could not.


Historically speaking—which is what is of interest to many reading this—Jesus and I never married in a formal sense, but we did have the child Sa Ra, who was born after I arrived in France. That is, of course, the source of the Grail legend. Jesus and I separated in the confusion of the crucifixion scenario, and he had to flee to the East. He has told his part of the story in the Phoenix Journal he coauthored with Judas Iscariot, his friend. Jesus did go to India, and Mary his mother went with him. He formally married there and raised another family of literal descendants in India and Pakistan. That story is also true.


My history has been told in many new books, the most well known is, of course, the one the movie is based on. This is true in part and fictitious in parts. Where does the truth lie, you ask? My daughter Sa Ra did have descendants, and they are part of the hidden lineage that the Vatican and other political powers have tried very hard to exterminate. The truth in all this will be revealed soon, as well as the truth about Jesus Sananda and me, Mary Magdalene. I have come to resume my rightful place as consort with Sananda. Together we will be the example of a unity of paired souls that will inspire future relationships man will pursue. I have come to bring balance and compassion again.


I will speak to you again of your role in all this. You are a special soul that is also part of our group. That is why we have had many interactions over the centuries, and are now working together for the same goal. Sananda and I were your parents, just as you and each of us have been paired at various times through the centuries and eons of our looking for our soul group.


Rest well this evening.