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Monjoronson Speaks Briefly on Reiki Energy Streams

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005

Monjoronson, I’m asking for more specific guidance on the direction I should steer my process and how I should clean my own energy blocks to make it more productive…


Jess, yes, this is Monjoronson. I come again as you ask [me] to speak to you about the work you will be doing and the preparation you need to make to be ready for it. You are well-advised to prepare your sexual opinion/view of yourself…


We are part of the thread/stream that makes up the sexual energy stream. It is part of the complex of energy flows that you touched upon in your Sei Reiki work. Yes, there is a separate current of sexual energy that flows and intermingles with the current that flows for physical power and emotional connection. This is circumscribed in the Dai Ko Myo thread/stream, but it can also be separated independently and used for specific purposes like connection and breaking down emotional/sexual barriers. This is part of the work you will be doing. You will need to formulate the discipline that you will need to carry that further….


This will be the prelude to the webpage work and the course material you will begin to develop based on this socio/sexual interconnection. Sex will become a tool to allow men to connect to higher things that art will amplify and strengthen. You will lead them into a mixture of sensations that will speak to their most basic sexual identify issues. This perception—like yours—has colored their entire focus on life and has caused the myriad problems they work/fight against. This will be the nexus of the work you do.


This is enough for today now. This will serve as an announcement of what is to come later.