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Divinity Speaks on My Healing Work As Part of Change in Universe

Saturday, October 29th, 2005

I ask for clarity today. I see a direction I can go and I ask for discussion. I find my role has become visible and significant to people. I ask for help crafting this and seeing how it fits with my purpose. I find this thrilling and encompassing.


Jess, this is Divinity—as you call me. This is an explanation of what your role is to become—if it is your choice to go this direction. There are many possibilities you can choose, you realize, only this one seems to have the greatest potential for you to achieve your potential.


You bodywork will take a new form now that you have a more public visibility and have become a recognized voice for me/us in the higher spirit realms. You have a strong connection and this is your tool, your carrying card, to advertise your ability to achieve what you claim. I/we see you now as expanding the bodywork into the arena of verbal healing and instruction. Your process will form the lynchpin of the movement, but you will supplement it with a series of seminars and workshops you give dealing with energy balancing and personal healing. This will take the format of the type of session you attended with Sunfire.


You will focus initially on men. This is your focus and interest at this point. This is not a bad thing, just a choice you made to limit your focus at this point. This is a useful locus of intent because of the male dominated cultural/societal issues you find yourself working within. Men need to love and need to be receptively tender.


How does this fit in with the change politically and with the direction the Universe is taking as it moves onward? You are once again providing the nexus for this change to take place. We told you that your table was the template for the Universe, and it is. You are allowing men to see the connection between outer manifestations that they have created and their inner resources that created the manifestations in the first place. How is this possible, you ask? This is through love. You show them love and they inevitably respond to you with love and caring—and openness. This unguarded state allows them to look at themselves fearlessly and see the positive benefits that can come from reconnecting with their whole self.


The website you should create is going to deal with male issues along with personal transformation. There will be others dealing with female transformations and you will connect up at some point. The way I have explained it to you will be the way to approach it with the public. It draws upon a whole reservoir of resources that give you a broad base of information and solid believability. Your process will be regarded as a major healing tool for change and raising re-tuned vibrations. Increasingly you will combine the two processes and have a single session that works on the whole physical and auric body. You see the way this can occur.


Just a parenthetic note about your conversations: the fact that you are writing them down this way does not prevent the exchange of information or a sequence of ideas you are contributing. We see your thoughts before they are formalized and we speak to them in a discourse fashion before you have the questions and comments formalized. This is still a dialogue with you participating—you have just set the format for ease of capturing our comments.


Let’s address the unspoken questions you have about our involvement and participation in the events happening and to come. The game plan, as you/we have termed it, is a fluid stream in flux between possibilities that you determine. You see this, and you are aware that others are seeing this. The original ideas we had…were outdated at the time you as a mass began awakening to the possibility of your actual participation. This was our hope, but not our firm expectation. We were prepared for action that is locked into motion that would have happened with you or not. Your role on planet Earth-Shan has changed daily. We have had to accept that fact and begin constantly adjusting our plans to match yours. This was always your potential role, but you seemed to have forgotten it and we were prepared to act for you.


Now this has changed. You see your role—many of you see glimmers of the magnitude of your role, even—and we are learning ways we must work with you. Yes, we are being told by what you do. That is an unexpected thing for me to say, isn’t it? You see our frustration when you keep wandering from the path we think is clear to you. We are approaching the thinking from a different perspective and you are forced to try to accommodate our more direct way with your own circuitous conditioning. This is meshing more and more, and your thinking is beginning to match ours. This is a major step for you and one that has forced us to accommodate your ascension as physical wholes. You have learned how to connect your body with your spirit and we have to accept that discovery. You have taught us, and now the paradigm has taken a new direction that has forced the Universe to re-think its direction.


Look at the events occurring as minor happenings in the bigger scheme of a Universal shift. Do you imagine the immensity of that concept? The entire Universe of Orvonton is being forced to re-think its policies because of your stubbornness here on Earth. I say stubbornness and I mean your unwillingness to let go of the possibility you can change yourself for the better. You want to have your cake and eat it too, to use the famous phrase.


What is your role now? You must act as if you controlled your destiny. You do, although you may perceive you don’t as a result of centuries of being told you don’t. The power of thinking is unstoppable. Thinking is creation. You are blocked because you think you are blocked. All you must do is ask for the block to be taken away. As you say, “take it to pure light and give me joy at the release.”  … The asking for release is all you need.


Tell the people to act and do. Praying is releasing and doing.


Namaste. Divinity