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Siraya on Listening to your Heart

Saturday, June 4th, 2005


I heard these two remarkable commentaries from Divinity, Lord Siraya on consecutive evenings. He was teaching me about the role of the heart and how it would come to have a much greater place in our dealings with each other in the future. It seems appropriate to me now to excerpt sections from these two and combine them in a single posting


I ask for more information about the direction I will be going. I see information about DNA, about sound and images, about taking our individual purposes and coupling it with the means we will have to develop our creativity. I am curious and excited about the possibilities. I ask for help. I ask for more insight in my own thinking. I ask for more clarity.


Jess, this is Divinity, as you call me. I can tell you more of the direction you are going. You looked at this life as a means to set up the circumstances and parameters that you will need to shift in the direction you determined you would go. Ask yourself what this direction is. You know better than anyone, if you will just listen to your higher self. 

Ask how to do this. You must listen to your heartbeat. You heart tells you what is true and what is not. Cultivate the skill of hearing your heart. You heart knows your true feelings and knows how you often compromise in your attempts to satisfy yourself and others at the same time. The need for this duplicity is coming to an end. You will know the singleness of purpose and direction you must follow. 

You ask about the direction. How is it changed or changing from your accepted idea?  The difference will be mostly in degree. You will see how your basic process can be expanded and taken to an even higher level of product. This involves taking the memories of the client and helping them to clean their thoughts and ideas. They too must listen to their hearts and pay attention to their emotions. In many cases they need to cultivate the emotions better. They need to have an idealized picture to work from. This is in their brain, but they don’t realize it. 


Divinity, I ask to continue our conversation from last night. I see the expansion possible. I ask for more details. I ask for places to find more insight. I ask for assistance hearing my own heartbeat. I ask for awareness of the help that is there. I ask for help to not compromise my direction

Jess, are you ready to begin? Yes, then we will. This is part two of the lesson begun last night. You were asking about the direction you will need to learn and take. This will be another learning process that will enhance and color your existing processes.

You will learn about ways the heart influences the thoughts. The heart is the key and love is the mechanism that operates it. The emotions and the physical sensations are changeable—yes, as you heard and will read—but the thoughts and spiritual certainties/absolutes are unchangeable once they are determined. The absolutes must be connected with the changeable ones for greatest purity of direction and purpose. The duplicity characteristic of Earth lifetimes has colored your perception of the absolutes and their relationship with your changeable. You have forgotten how they interact and are connected. 

The heart is a mystery that science is only beginning to unravel or fathom. It is the heart impulses that are connected with the Creator’s absolutes. The spirit that determines who you are and your goal is impressed in your heart, not your brain. Your brain deciphers the impulses your heart sends and acts as a transmitter of the information your body needs to operate. The spirit has the game plan, your heart factors and filters the absolutes to your present changing/changeable situation. This sends a signal to your brain and your brain transmits the coded impulses to the rest of your body organs and atoms. There is an energy connection that links all. This energy is the spirit. This energy exists everywhere and in all things, and you are in fact/ indeed connected to all things, including this computer you are typing on and reading from the monitor. 

When man realizes this fact, he will be on the road to a greater awareness of his place in the universe. He must discover this fact before he can truly ascend to the higher level he is destined to go to. We will help in this process as we have always helped in this process. Your guides, such as they are, will lead you in directions where you can make your decisions more clearly. You must pay attention to their assistance, however. You cannot determine all on your own with the speed you prefer. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. Help is what we do. We are connected to you and want to impart what we know to your awareness. It is a reciprocal exchange, you understand. We see things you need to know and you learn things through your experiences we need to learn. You provide information for us just as we provide information for you. 

…You are seeking your whole, complete self. 

And your whole, complete self is one with the Divinity Creator. I am part of the whole. Michael is part of the whole. The Earth and this Universe are part of the whole that makes up the Creator. The parts of the Creator are part of the whole, in fact. It is all one. One on an unfathomable scale. No one knows the scale or extent of the vastness of the Creator. I do not. You do not, although you know more than you recognize at present. You have been there from the beginning and you realize much of what is written or observed. It seems logical to you because it is, based on your personal experiences. 

I/we have been together always. That is a simple fact. We have explored and experienced all and everything in our own guise and fashion. You don’t know how much you are connected to everything. You have only a faint glimmer of the inkling that is the knowledge that tells you this. 

You are still concerned with a timescale and a 3D schedule. LOL Yes, I see that. We will move when we have to take the Earth and the Universe to the next phase the Creator has determined. … You must put your house in order. That is your role. That is all you can do. You cannot influence by your perceptions of others’ actions except by making sure your perceptions are true and clean. You cannot determine what the actions will be, except to acknowledge that your perceptions are yours only and may not be the full extent of the action. You can know only the purpose you ascribe to them. You may not know all the full range of effects and purpose involved. 

You must wait and accept the inevitable. It will be resolved in joy and love, as that is the only way the Creator’s plan can be resolved. Your perceived judgments based on thoughts and memories are only that. They are not the truth. You will not be disappointed or crestfallen. You will finally see the way to begin achieving your goal. 

Namaste for today.