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Sananda Speaks for Divinity on Same Sex Relationships and Mary Magdalene

Saturday, March 26th, 2005

[Sananda is the title given to Christed beings who are one with the Creator. Sananda in this and the follow messages refers to Esu Immanual Kumara, who was the physical form that has come to be known as Jesus Christ. Mary Magdalene was the physical incarnation at that time of Esu’s consort Lady Nada.]


Divinity, I would like some insight into several things I feel I’ve stumbled against. Relationships-am I on the right track? Finding my purpose more clearly? More on the big picture of the higher me? How am I connected? How are all the things I read pieced together? How much is accurate? How much is my wishful thinking?

Jess, this is Sananda. I’m speaking for Divinity, as you call him. This evening he is overseeing many things that have to do with Earth changes. He is a part of me and of you, so I may speak for him, as well as you.


Many things are transpiring beyond what you can understand at this moment. You can see many things that are happening on the surface of your 3rd dimension reality, as it impinges itself on your 4th dimension, but you are also aware of the dichotomy and friction the two vibrational patterns are setting up. They soon will be beyond synching. You will find yourself less and less involved with the many things you had occupied and busied your time with before. Time is also changing. It is becoming more a construct of what you wish it to be to suit your purpose. You will see more clearly what you are to do and you will create the time you need to do it.


I am wise to your wishes of community and commitment. You want to establish a rooted connection with someone who can teach and receive many new aspects of sex and relationship that you have not touched on before. There is nothing at all wrong with that, you understand. You need to learn and explore your personal parameters to define who you are and to enable you to grow above your present limited circumstances and conceptions.


You will keep trying to find links and connections but they will tend to be less than completely satisfying. You are open to the glories of our spiritual union—at least in its vague glimmers in your experience now—and you desperately look for a source on Earth in your physical body and shape. This will be become more a nagging issue for you unless you learn of surrendering to what you best need. You have flashes of past memories from this life and others that are influencing your choices and directions. The article on vibration was correct. You are still colored by your past…


You must again visualize your relationship and invest it with your mental imagery and intent. You know to visualize. You know to work in your mind. That is creating it out of wholecloth and you are providing and creating the tools for shaping it into a garment of truth and appropriateness. Well done!


Let’s talk about the articles you are reading and questioning. The truth in them is spotty. Some is understood and transmitted well and clearly. Another is a fabrication of the author’s conjectures. Again listen to your heart and ask if it is true. I/we/you will tell you what is a link to your own agenda. Don’t worry so much about the geopolitical undercurrents. They are coming to an end within the confines of Divine plan. They have always been planned to extinguish themselves.


The Divine Creator is two parts you can “see” –in the sense of different voices and different concerns and approaches. He is Idea and Feeling, Masculine and Feminine, In and Out—Yin/Yang to your way of thinking of that—as well as the unknown that only he/she knows. Potential and actualization…. No things becoming something. Creation. Movement. Fertilization. Sex for the Universe. LOL


Yes, let’s talk about gays one more time. Gays are a mixture of many strains this time around. They/you have done this makeup as a means of preserving a range of reaction possibilities within one body. Masculine/feminine. A pair of energy and emotions looking for a similar pair. You have an embodiment of both questions and sides of the issue within your one body. Your spirit realizes the limitations and the conflicts. Yes, it does. You also find them less and less physically appealing, as you get further and closer to the Divine Plan.  This is your choice this time around to enable you to teach and experience a wider range of emotions and sensations. Again there is nothing wrong with that. You will find yourself shifting and becoming more mental about the whole process. It is unfortunate that as you learn, you become more independent and separate in your focus and thrust of materials.


You relationship will happen. It is not yet time. Be patient. Experiment and let your range of emotions and experiences take up a new place in you consciousness.  Play. Have fun. Don’t worry. Be blunt, or at least truthful, and say what you want. Just ask as long as you know what you want. Again change your core and ask for like kinds of wish vibrations.


You asked about Mary Magdalene and the sacred marriage vows, as you heard them described. Many rumors are floating around. Many experiences are ascribed to me that I didn’t have. I only had a short time to live as Jesu Immanuel. Mary was wise beyond most at the time. She was wealthy, as you read, and had a wonderful education for that time. She, of all my disciples, understood the concepts I was trying to teach them. The truth was within and she was aware of it. Others came to understand after the fact, but she understood my message from the beginning—in all its depth and impact.


We were soul mates, to use that word. We lived together, had sex together, as you also have read and had a family together, as you read. There were children. These will be revealed again. We explored the kundalini of spiritual/sexual union. We took Eastern ideas and incorporated them into Jewish mysticism. We created a grand mixture of ideas.


I also explored the sexual union with other men. This was not a wanton sexual drive, but a spiritual merging man to man, the same as woman to woman. I did not encourage this at the time because man would have strayed—as he did, in fact—into using sex as pure desire-satisfying and escape from its spiritual nature. The spiritual aspect must be there for it to be in line with the Creator’s plan/law of movement towards Creation. Creation can be within. Creation can be a mental fertilization of man to woman within a man-to-man situation. Balance is the key and regarding both aspects of the psyche as equally important. This I did not prescribe at the time because the time wasn’t ready for it. The Universe is mental. Life is, in fact, mental, and Creation is mental. It is the mind that moves and creates. Reality is a creation of the mind.


This is enough for this evening. We will ask and answer more questions tomorrow.