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Sananda Speaks on My Connections with Him and My Developing a Healing Process

Tuesday, January 4th, 2005

Sananda, I ask for you to speak to me again this evening… I have been caught up in other concerns and I haven’t come to you for guidance much lately, although I have been eager to read what others I respect are reporting. I ask for more insight into what I will be doing and when. I have a strong feeling for New York, so I am not surprised that information about the center was mentioned. If you will, I ask for you to tell me more. …Give me more clarity and help me see my way more clearly.


Jess, shall I cover you with robes of color too? You are blue, as we have told you, the color of turquoise and sea blue/green. The color of the Mediterranean you saw when you went to France. You are the blue of healing and comfort. Your robe is awash with the sea and the air of the ocean.


This is a time of wonder and glory for you to contemplate. You have developed a wonderful system that will be a prelude to much that can resolve conflict in man and will allow you to begin a healing process that will take them higher in their spiritual vibrations in keeping with the shift of the Earth and the Universe.


This will happen … ultimately under the auspices of Monjoronson and myself. This is auspicious company for your work. LOL We have worked together before, you realize. We have been on Earth in various guises and have been all across the Universe in exploration of what you will be continuing to do later in New York.


You should not feel slighted because we are not having conversations. I am speaking to you in a block because that is most comfortable for your hearing and your recording. It speaks to you as a coordinated thought process, and you appreciate the flow of what we can discuss this way. This is not a “bad” approach, by any means.


Shall I tell you more of our connection? Yes, you want to know. I am now Sananda Kumara and I have been many guises and many people in the past—your past. We have been together many times in various situations, and you have heard of two in particular and one as a tangential relationship that was a rest and escape for both of us. These are not fabrications on your part. They are real instances where we interacted before. That is why I was eager to re-connect with you on a more personal and intimate level again. We have been close friends—even lovers of a sort—in the past and our connection is deep and rich.


What we are undertaking now is a magnificent culmination of all we have worked for up to this point. You find it hard to believe I say this to you. Yes, but it is true. We are disciples of the light of the Creator Son and are instruments through Christ Michael of his will and determination to effect a shift in consciousness on this forgotten planet of Earth. I say forgotten, because it was put under quarantine for eons and was off-limits for most of the curious Universe. It was an experiment in how man could find his way back to the Creator even after believing he was separate and alone. It was overseen and steered by signposts and appropriate intervention, but primarily it was carried out through the free will choices of the participants. Free will on this planet was a remarkable degree of separateness you/man chose to utilize.  It was remarkable that the Creator through Michael allowed this individualism.  Yet, those who chose to come here to explore this parameter were laudable examples of strong spiritual lightworkers. They/you have brought much to the balancing that has had to go on to allow Earth to move into her next phase….


Let’s talk more about your process. It will be a healing modality incorporating much that you know and more that you will assimilate and incorporate into the mix of modalities. These were all elements you have used or developed on your own at one point, so it will be advantageous for you to include these, as well. You will have to play it by ear, but I see you establishing your practice in a couple of years…


Sananda Immanuel Kumara