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Monjoronson Speaks Briefly on Reiki Energy Streams

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005

Monjoronson, I’m asking for more specific guidance on the direction I should steer my process and how I should clean my own energy blocks to make it more productive…


Jess, yes, this is Monjoronson. I come again as you ask [me] to speak to you about the work you will be doing and the preparation you need to make to be ready for it. You are well-advised to prepare your sexual opinion/view of yourself…


We are part of the thread/stream that makes up the sexual energy stream. It is part of the complex of energy flows that you touched upon in your Sei Reiki work. Yes, there is a separate current of sexual energy that flows and intermingles with the current that flows for physical power and emotional connection. This is circumscribed in the Dai Ko Myo thread/stream, but it can also be separated independently and used for specific purposes like connection and breaking down emotional/sexual barriers. This is part of the work you will be doing. You will need to formulate the discipline that you will need to carry that further….


This will be the prelude to the webpage work and the course material you will begin to develop based on this socio/sexual interconnection. Sex will become a tool to allow men to connect to higher things that art will amplify and strengthen. You will lead them into a mixture of sensations that will speak to their most basic sexual identify issues. This perception—like yours—has colored their entire focus on life and has caused the myriad problems they work/fight against. This will be the nexus of the work you do.


This is enough for today now. This will serve as an announcement of what is to come later.

Divinity Speaks on My Healing Work As Part of Change in Universe

Saturday, October 29th, 2005

I ask for clarity today. I see a direction I can go and I ask for discussion. I find my role has become visible and significant to people. I ask for help crafting this and seeing how it fits with my purpose. I find this thrilling and encompassing.


Jess, this is Divinity—as you call me. This is an explanation of what your role is to become—if it is your choice to go this direction. There are many possibilities you can choose, you realize, only this one seems to have the greatest potential for you to achieve your potential.


You bodywork will take a new form now that you have a more public visibility and have become a recognized voice for me/us in the higher spirit realms. You have a strong connection and this is your tool, your carrying card, to advertise your ability to achieve what you claim. I/we see you now as expanding the bodywork into the arena of verbal healing and instruction. Your process will form the lynchpin of the movement, but you will supplement it with a series of seminars and workshops you give dealing with energy balancing and personal healing. This will take the format of the type of session you attended with Sunfire.


You will focus initially on men. This is your focus and interest at this point. This is not a bad thing, just a choice you made to limit your focus at this point. This is a useful locus of intent because of the male dominated cultural/societal issues you find yourself working within. Men need to love and need to be receptively tender.


How does this fit in with the change politically and with the direction the Universe is taking as it moves onward? You are once again providing the nexus for this change to take place. We told you that your table was the template for the Universe, and it is. You are allowing men to see the connection between outer manifestations that they have created and their inner resources that created the manifestations in the first place. How is this possible, you ask? This is through love. You show them love and they inevitably respond to you with love and caring—and openness. This unguarded state allows them to look at themselves fearlessly and see the positive benefits that can come from reconnecting with their whole self.


The website you should create is going to deal with male issues along with personal transformation. There will be others dealing with female transformations and you will connect up at some point. The way I have explained it to you will be the way to approach it with the public. It draws upon a whole reservoir of resources that give you a broad base of information and solid believability. Your process will be regarded as a major healing tool for change and raising re-tuned vibrations. Increasingly you will combine the two processes and have a single session that works on the whole physical and auric body. You see the way this can occur.


Just a parenthetic note about your conversations: the fact that you are writing them down this way does not prevent the exchange of information or a sequence of ideas you are contributing. We see your thoughts before they are formalized and we speak to them in a discourse fashion before you have the questions and comments formalized. This is still a dialogue with you participating—you have just set the format for ease of capturing our comments.


Let’s address the unspoken questions you have about our involvement and participation in the events happening and to come. The game plan, as you/we have termed it, is a fluid stream in flux between possibilities that you determine. You see this, and you are aware that others are seeing this. The original ideas we had…were outdated at the time you as a mass began awakening to the possibility of your actual participation. This was our hope, but not our firm expectation. We were prepared for action that is locked into motion that would have happened with you or not. Your role on planet Earth-Shan has changed daily. We have had to accept that fact and begin constantly adjusting our plans to match yours. This was always your potential role, but you seemed to have forgotten it and we were prepared to act for you.


Now this has changed. You see your role—many of you see glimmers of the magnitude of your role, even—and we are learning ways we must work with you. Yes, we are being told by what you do. That is an unexpected thing for me to say, isn’t it? You see our frustration when you keep wandering from the path we think is clear to you. We are approaching the thinking from a different perspective and you are forced to try to accommodate our more direct way with your own circuitous conditioning. This is meshing more and more, and your thinking is beginning to match ours. This is a major step for you and one that has forced us to accommodate your ascension as physical wholes. You have learned how to connect your body with your spirit and we have to accept that discovery. You have taught us, and now the paradigm has taken a new direction that has forced the Universe to re-think its direction.


Look at the events occurring as minor happenings in the bigger scheme of a Universal shift. Do you imagine the immensity of that concept? The entire Universe of Orvonton is being forced to re-think its policies because of your stubbornness here on Earth. I say stubbornness and I mean your unwillingness to let go of the possibility you can change yourself for the better. You want to have your cake and eat it too, to use the famous phrase.


What is your role now? You must act as if you controlled your destiny. You do, although you may perceive you don’t as a result of centuries of being told you don’t. The power of thinking is unstoppable. Thinking is creation. You are blocked because you think you are blocked. All you must do is ask for the block to be taken away. As you say, “take it to pure light and give me joy at the release.”  … The asking for release is all you need.


Tell the people to act and do. Praying is releasing and doing.


Namaste. Divinity

Siraya Speaks on Leading Men into Sexual Balance with Christ Michael

Sunday, September 4th, 2005

Divinity, or whichever voice(s) wish to speak, I ask for more clarity. I accept the word yesterday and see that I can always do more to remove blocks. I ask specifically what more I should do. I don’t want to make excuses. I view action in the circumstances I have created for myself. I should do more? How? I ask for your guidance and your connection. I ask now for help and for your help in meeting you. I ask for a solution from me That will impact as it should. I ask for your direct involvement. I ask for our physical presence along with all the millions you have with you that are gathered waiting for us on Earth to ask for help. I ask for help now. I ask for your presence.


Jess, the voices of white light are coming down on you as you asked. They are twisted as a silken cord from… the voices you long to hear and those that speak most clearly to you at this present time. You are in a position to hear more and learn more. Let us teach you more and let your “ears” hear more of our words.


This voice manifestation is white with light. You see it, don’t you? This voice is the visage of Christ Michael. You see its clarity and its white brilliance. White becomes colors as the spectrum of truth separates into individual thoughts and ideas and phrases that become manifest as ideas and emotions/thoughts in your own psyche. This is a way of communicating with you. This method gives you your truest ideas and your clearest impressions/images. This is the truth you work with. This is the truth inside you that you measure your own conceptions and preconceptions against.


This polarity balance is the Universe Michael has created. It is his construct and his rendition of the blueprint that issued from the Creator Sun to and through him. This is the master plan of the Creator for this particular Universe in this particular galaxy of this Super Universe.  You have only a glimpse or taste of the truth of this statement. You imagine pictures that are not even half of what the reality is. They are man’s invested imaginings that replay his own preoccupations and prejudices.


You role here is to lead men to see this polarity and this balance. You chose to work with their sexual problems and their sexual impairments in regard to their place in the balanced Universe of Christ Michael. This imbalance is influenced by their culture and their preconceptions based on their taught beliefs and presumptions. This is not a damning “bad” thing; this is just a detachment from the truth and balance offered by Christ Michael in his Universe. Your role is to take them closer to this balance. In doing so, you take yourself closer and closer to this balance. Their cleaning is your cleaning too.


We can talk more about this direction this will take. You will teach others this method and you will work within a community of healers that tap into this same stream of healing polarity you have developed for them to use. This will begin here in little Rock and spread throughout the world in a short time, if you let it. Do you want this to happen? You must make the decision if and how. You must create this path or direction for your work. You have made this pathway before on other planets and in other hemispheres of dimension. You know perfectly well how this can come to be. You must let it happen….


We are preparing to intervene in worldly affairs. Yes, you and thousands of others have pointedly asked for intervention. It is time for this to take place. Enough people on Earth have requested this change. The shift is ready to take place.  Wait and see like a thief in the night with impatience abated. This is ready to play out. Wait and see the results. You will be happy soon. You will be lauding the truths and the changes that are coming to be.


This is all for now. Namaste. Divinity speaking for Christ Michael and Sananda Immanuel, your helpmeet.

Divinity Speaks on My Role as Part of Universal Energy

Friday, September 2nd, 2005

I ask for guidance today. I ask for connections with overweening thought and love. I ask for clarity and insight and information. Help me see the direction. Help me know the partners and the thread. Help me link with all that is part of my path and role. I ask for words today for myself from the voice stream that is made up of separate personalities I see. I accept whoever wishes to speak.

Jess, this is Divinity, as you call me. I speak to you from a position of overview and perception of the role you play in the directed movement to more light. Your place is defined as a step in the process we all are working through. This process is beyond your capability of understanding beyond the mildest glimpses of its unity and significance. This is a tangible weave of the energy of the Universe of Universes that you find yourself a part of. Your role is working with the outer manifestation of the concepts of the Universal Ideal. These manifestations are of a kind that trigger resonance and an awareness of their role or connection with the Universal whole. There is ultimately only one thing and that is you, which is the Universe, which is the spark of the Creator that manifested as the Universe. Your part is your part. Your role is your role. There is nothing else for you to understand, as far as the structure of the Universe is concerned. You are a piece of the whole and your role is a unique and discrete part of the whole weave that makes up the matrix of energy patterns that form the Universe.


This role is now. This role is functioning in its proper place. This reaction you see is an emotional construct you have fashioned to explain your actions in terms of the 3rd dimensional reality you are living in at the moment. This is but a construct you have made to define your role within this life stream. It has been other constructs in other places and is currently evolving it other ways in other places and dimensions. It is all part of you, your soul stream. Your different objectives help you define your place. All the information pours into your conception of your role in the Universe. All the actions you take are a piece of this interpretation. You are learning on many levels, none of which are like any others.


This stream you have embarked upon on Earth is a fascinating thread of your existence. It has allowed you to define much of the relationship you are curious about in terms of outer objects and concepts influencing inner realities and truths. This is a play of energy. This is an imbalance becoming balanced and void. This is Nirvana to use that word adopted from religious definition and dependence. This state of grace and balance is the one where you are One with the universe’s electrical polarity. This energy is beyond any concept of ACDC current you envision. This is an expression of the love energy of the universe… This was your process—or at least your stream’s process. You have split into many thousands of pieces to carry out this task and you are coming back together now as part of the whole construct. You were the parts of the other souls who participated. You invested yourself in their stream to connect with their vibrational patterns and create the music and art you needed to key into those triggering elements that will change the emotions. You worked this miracle through them.


Your role is like that of the WingMakers. In fact, you are a WingMaker, in whatever capacity you view yourself. You created the synthesis for their triggering to work. You were part of the original stream of souls that created the templates for this to work on this planet and in this universe. You have looked for this explanation and here it is. Your work is to continue with this change, helping others to be more receptive to the force of re-wiring, in a sense that happens through music and art—which is the most refined set of vibrations of the truth concepts.


This is enough for today. …You know how to set things up, so just do it.

Christ Michael Speaks on Sexual Preoccupations and Spiritual Creativity

Friday, July 29th, 2005

Divinity, I ask for more comments this morning. I wonder what is happening. I am curious where we are in relation to the change. I ask for more insight into my sex role. I ask for more clarity in seeing spiritual truth in sexual and emotional preoccupations. Thank you for speaking to me today.


Jess, let us talk today for more information. This is a time of change, as you know and suspect. This will prove to be the test case and the shift trigger for the millennium and for myriads of seekers all over the Universe. This is the time when this change is happening. This is now. We are in charge of the light and of bringing light to the dark places on Earth-Shan. Earth-Shan will soon have a new name—Terra Beata. It will be a beautiful place once again—as it was before the dark took over from off-world.


This was allowed to happen because it was a necessary event. It was a test case for man in his duality. He rose against it many times and always fell back. He will not do that this time. He is being supported by Heavenly Hosts, as you put it. He is becoming part of the Universal family that he has always been a part of but had forgotten. His eyes are now opening again and he sees his true place.


Your role is as it has always been—raising vibrations through art. What a momentous decision you made to come here and try to work from within. It has borne fruit beyond your wildest expectations, hasn’t it? This is all yours to develop and see. Man has taken your concepts and distorted them with sexual expectations and justifications. The sexual end is not creation. The sexual impulse is not spiritual connection. The block that has come up because of that is something you now must work against. Your role now, as you see it, is to help men—particularly men—to rise above their sexual preoccupations and turn to their creative, spiritual natures.


Your work on the table is this tool… You can use any means necessary to connect with them and take them to a higher place. Let them fondle you. Let them make love to you. Let them connect in anyway they wish—but always keep your spiritual nature and goals in place. Always connect the activity with God and the Creator. Always be aware of the balance. Don’t let your emotions get in the way and sway your perceptions. What are perceptions anyway but sensory conclusions without a spiritual component? You read that yesterday and it is a true definition to remember. Anything you choose to do should have spiritual components. The physical results of whatever actions you choose are also spiritual results. They are lessons you can learn from and can teach other men from.


Men are coming to you with a variety of issues—some emotional, some physical, most spiritual. Few can connect their sexual impulses with their spiritual aspirations. Most don’t have spiritual aspirations. Most are open to suggestions you can give them. Let them move gently into a sexual understanding and awareness of the spiritual component of what their body is telling them. Let them know they should listen to their body. Let them know they must respect their physical manifestations if they want to create the balance with the Creator that is truly spiritual and uplifting. Let them know that their path is a conscious decision they make to proceed closer to the Creator’s wishes and ideas/thoughts.


You ask about yourself. I know you are concerned with your own situation and your own place. I tell you to experience love in whatever physical manifestations it takes at present. But do this with the awareness that you must stay connected with the Creator’s spiritual intent. You know that certain activities are “forbidden” as being contrary to the wishes and plans of the Creator’s Universal balance. You must experience these things to know what to dissuade. You must have a stockpile of answers to questions that will come up. That is why I urge you to experience. This is not a normal suggestion. You need further experiential information and evidence to be able to say this is not spiritual. You have good mental concepts, but you need emotional and physical object lessons to be able to point to in your discussions.


You ask if this is me or you speaking. Yes, I see this. It is you speaking my thoughts. I am verbalized in your words. I am taking your expressions and I am coming through in your concepts. Yes, you are coloring my impulses. Yes, your preferences are forming my statements. Yes you are finding exceptions to the “rules.” Yes you accept the written words on one level, but still your emotions make excuses and find ways to avoid following our expressions. So be it. It will be this way. You must make the decisions how to best absorb and assimilate what we tell you. You must choose your path. You must work to be clear in knowing what your path is with the Creator. Weigh your decisions. You have facts and you decide how to work with the facts. Be certain you have all the facts in order to make an informed decision. Don’t judge or form an opinion on incomplete evidence. Your decisions are yours and then you make other decisions based on what you have decided. The most practical way of dealing with this process is through constant and careful conversation and dialogue with me or us who can help you steer your decisions. We can’t make them for you. Indeed, you have already made them before you came here. The question for you now is how to best determine the decisions you made and be able to follow them most spiritual and efficiently.


This is enough for this morning. You should prepare for the day and let the experiences and explorations help you further.


Namaste. This is [Christ ] Michael speaking to you this morning. I support your efforts to connect closer to me in this path you have undertaken. It is a noble path and a worthy one for men to be led/guided nearer to me.