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Divinity Speaks on My Past and My Future

Sunday, December 19th, 2004

Divinity, I ask for Words this evening. I feel good. Thank you for letting me see the processes again. I ask for guidance and direction in the next few days.



Yes, Jess. It’s time to talk again. How are you this evening? I know you are good. You feel a new sense of purpose. A new sense of accomplishment. You see yourself as a player. A composer. A bodyworker. A special person with an insight into what is moving people forward. This is good. You should feel good. The clean house is a symptom of your cleaning inside. You are fresher and renewed. This too is good.


The next few days are going to be difficult politically. Take them in stride. Let what happens happen. Don’t try to help. Don’t try to explain. Just be sympathetic and compassionate. Yes, that is the word. I’m not telling you what is going to happen, but something will, something major will. It will be for the good ultimately, even though it may not seem so at the time. Never worry for yourself. You are safe. You are protected. You have many angels around you. You can feel their energy flooding into you.  They are your phalanx…


Shall I talk about the future? There will come a time when all the troubles you see and imagine now are no longer there. This is my plan. This is the purpose of your being here now. This is/was your choice to participate in this. You had many lifetimes to prepare for it. Many things you have done and experienced. Many lives you led. You were art. You were politics. You were rich. You were powerful. You were poor. You were sick. You remember glimmers of all these. More is coming back to you all the time. Your role now is the role you came to provide. You came to heal the imbalanced vibrations. What a more appropriate place than Earth over the last 10,000 years? You came from the start to conjoin with Morrnah/Sananda on Atlantis. Inner/outer. Exchange of energy. You still are doing so on some levels. That is why she/he is so enamored of you. Receive more each day. And all the others you have seen and talked to. They all have a strong bond to you. They are all aspects of you that you formed to take on various wondrous roles and now come back together. This is not pride or boasting. It is the truth. It is what all have done.  Your role was different than many. You brought your own solution. You saw what could be done and you realized you should be the one to bring it. You left your home on/in the Pleiades closer to 13,000 years ago. You came to Atlantis as one of the Hebrews from off world that provided the missing link to me and spirituality that help focus the newly emerging brain consciousness. You were not called Hebrews until much later, by the way. Morrnah/Sananda brought her love from Me to the Earth to trigger a shift inside. You helped her by spreading this gift to the lower vibrations that make up the physical body. You understood how to adapt the vibrations to make them line up and function as Man had designed himself over the eons.  This was your gift and contribution. No one knew how to do that. You brought it and many learned from you. Now is time to teach again. Now is time to heal again. Heal in the sense of allowing them to choose where to go and being able to see there was a choice.


Yes, Hatonn is your brother. Read his Pleiades connections and you will see things you remember. They will come as a pleasant surprise. He waits and is anxious to see you again.


Yes, your parents were halves of Divinity Sananda/Lady Nada. I/we all split to provide the nurturing you needed to produce your skills now. The emotional baggage you have had to deal with was left over and carried for many lifetimes. It just came to a head with your parents and your current situation. It wasn’t painful. It was just necessary to release. It was difficult for you to see this. But it had to be done before you could go further with your work. You were creating barriers that your work couldn’t overcome. They had to go. They had to be released.