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Various Guides Speak on Connection and Offer Advice 06-11-2004

Friday, June 11th, 2004

Divinity, I want to resume our conversation, and speak with you and whoever wants to talk to me.

Jess, are you ready now? Let’s begin. The days are numbered and the total is very small until things begin to change. They already are changing, but they are not public in any degree that they will be. The heavens will raise its curtain and the wonders of the Universe will be visible. This will confound many and frighten many and bestir many to seek a closer relationship with Me and all that is. You will just sit there and watch and help as best you can. Many things will be beyond your ken or control. Don’t get aggravated or feel at a loss. You are where you should be and doing what you should be doing. What a glorious opening you are giving many men and others at this time. This is what your purpose calls you to do. Let it develop and grow as it wants and needs to.


There are others that wish to speak to you this evening. Let them now have their turns.


First is Lady Nada.


Jess, my dear, dear boy. I can call you boy because you are so young in your work and so thirsty in your education and lesson plans. I wrap you in my cloak of pink and colors that flow in and out of the pink you know. You know many pinks, but they are nothing in comparison to the infinite number of shades and hues that are possible within the confines of a single color.


I am come to help you warm your heart even more. Love any and everyone. They are all your equals and the same as you. You are all masters and masterful co-creators with Divinity. Your role on Earth has been to reconnect with emotions and the powerful stream that flows from your perception of power and humility. You are humble. Be observant and watch that you don’t show arrogance or cold insensitivity. These send out negative energy that comes back to you tenfold. As long as the Earth is tied to its limited dimensional perceptions, it will continue to show a reverse flow of negative energy. As soon as it breaks these last 3-dimensional bonds, it will be free to grow within whatever direction it seeks.


I leave you now to return at anytime you ask.


Jess, next is Paul, called the Venetian.


Jess, my dear compadre.I have only brief words for you this evening. Art is your medium. You must paint it with broad strokes at the same time as you see to find the most minute parts you can decorate with your passion. Look everywhere and find it. It is a masterful thing for you to see an image and give birth to the new artistic creation. The energy you shower the recipients with in these times is truly miraculous and invigorating. You bring life back to the many with your art alone. You have no thought of healing or trying to bridge a political chasm, but your passionate example brings the healing and the release to the clients you either work with or imagine.


Bravo and continue! This is something I should try in your guise to see if it works the same way it appears to.


This is enough for the evening. Rest well.

Various Guides Speak on Connection and Offer Advice 06-09-2004

Wednesday, June 9th, 2004

Divinity, what wonderful things are happening. I am anxious for what is to be. Eager for what is to be. Not worried. Anticipating.  Speak to me, I ask this evening.


Jess, beloved one. There are many things to speak to you and many people to say them. Listen carefully and hear what they say.


First, Sananda:


Jess, my beloved boy. We have had many times together. Yes, first in Atlantis, then in France and Jerusalem, and now in little Rock, Arkansas, America. I am with you all the time, every minute. I wish to lead you into what you are supposed to do for the next phase of the Millennium. This will involve massage and bodywork and energy balancing similar to what you did many eons ago. Listen to my voice and we will raise the energy and balance the body and soul. You will have as many as you can do. You will not want for work. Work will spread and you will have a waiting list. This is happening now and it will continue for as long as it needs to.


I am Admiral Sananda, to use your terminology. I am the Christ energy that came to Earth many times to show man the way to raise their inner vibrations to have a glimpse once again of the glory they left behind before they came here to Earth. I have maintained my Christ energy that is connected to Divinity/Creator in all the different guises I have taken. Morrnah was a force for good and change. She created a new method of cleaning interior blocks and memories. I worked through her body to set up this change. The I is within and she succeeded in telling enough people about the change to cause a shift. Energy is a tricky thing; it doesn’t always go the way you expect it to.


And now you are working with me through your perspective of her. There is no change or preference we have. We speak to you as your thoughts. Use whatever visual image you wish, bearing in mind that we/I have no visible image unless we decide to create one. It doesn’t matter. We work with you just the same.


One more this evening. Serapis Bey.


My child. It is good to speak with you. You may think of me as an Egyptian but that is only a fragment of my soul thread and spirit. We chose to become involved with the Egyptian mystery schools to put a cap on the ultra exertion of the untrained soul. Man learned and then surpassed what we were teaching. My caution to you is to honor your teaching. Remember your teaching. Focus your teaching. A great renaissance and product of the arts will come to you when you don’t lose your focus.