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Divinity Discusses Connection between Bodywork and Sex

Sunday, January 18th, 2004

Divinity, I ask you to speak to me this evening. I have been preoccupied and occupied too much to allow me to let go and come to you formally.  Can you tell me what I need this evening and in the next week or longer?


Jess. Good and happy evening. You have been hard at work and I like the results. Your concept and ideas are taking shape and soon will be ready to launch on the web. …There was no need to have the images you originally chose. They didn’t strengthen the impact of the text and the website.


Will you give me directions to go with the text for the three processes? I have so much I could say, I need to be able to narrow it down into the text I should use.


Let see: The first, the Body, is a process for balancing the two sides of man—the masculine and the feminine. This involves the left and right brain, as you read, and the cultural emphasis for men has led to an imbalance in their personae. They need to re-connect with their feminine side, and sex is the key. In giving in to sexual arousal they are becoming feminine and giving up their need to dominate. Something else is dominating/controlling them.


You job/task is to arouse them to a peak and then spread it out through their body. This gives them the missing layer of feminine yin to go with their customary and traditional yang. This makes them warmer and softer and more rounded—in touch with their ability to love more truly. And love is the reason you are doing the processes in the first place. Man has to find love again. You have to find love again. It won’t work without it.


Relationships depend on this true concept of love. Otherwise they are purely sexual and that is chaos without a firm direction and focus.


Lets see: The second process is the one you know and are familiar with. You are balancing the energy on three levels of energy at once, and the results are felt in the body. At some point. Not immediately, in terms of healing—or self-healing—but in time. You have started the process that the client can continue on his own. It is all choice, anyway. They can decide to follow the plan, or not.  The process structure allows them to begin to release thoughts and fears and attitudes as the music is playing and you and the lights are raising the energy charge by speeding it up. The whole process is a piece that works on the whole person. Physical and mental problems are present in the three lower levels of the aura, or etheric field. You understand how this one works.


The third, or the “aura” process, is tapping into the field of energy that surrounds the Earth. You and everyone else is part of that energy. Everything is energy and all are connected, whether they realize it or not. I/We provide a direction for the energy to flow through you and out to the client/patient. It is just as effective as their being there. Purer in a way, because you are visualizing an abstract person and are not being influenced by the physical body being under your hands. There is more about the energy in Drunvalo’s books. This is every bit as powerful as any other type of body work or massage.


Will you talk about Drunvalo and the Egyptian energy process?


This is the next step for you. That is why I pointed those books out to you. You are at a point where you need to go to the next step. This method is better for you than the Hawaiian method …. It draws more upon your background and interests….


Part of the Egyptian concepts depend on love and knowing love. This implies a relationship to realize aspects of the transformation. Otherwise, one gets stuck at a certain level in their mind. Isn’t this a vital part of the program?


The Egyptian—and the Atlantians before them—recognized the universality of love. Universality in the larger sense of the whole universe. They recognized love for what it is—mingling of particles of energy. Energy comprising one merging and mingling with the energy comprising another. The same but different, and still the same. It’s very simple. The desires and fantasies that play into man’s search for a “love” are merely thoughts and past experiences. Their have no reality beyond a shape provided for the energy. They are only tools, and often bad ones at that. The simple joining of energy is the most powerful experience there is. It is creation. Energy moving to a place where it wasn’t. Creating a unity and merging particles. How can you put a cover or framework on the shape of something that has no shape beyond what you give it? Love is where you find it, and you find it where you seek it. Seeking is not the same a looking. Seeking involves a commitment to look and a determination of what you are looking for. The determination is as broad as you can let yourself seek. What could be more fulfilling than love with anyone.


However, sex is so tied in and connected to a slate of expectations that man is almost never able to break away from his expectations. They are not good or bad, except in the sense of limiting his willingness and ability to inquire more fully. You look for someone and something because you are conditioned to look for it. Move beyond that. Look for love. Trust Me and us to find you the person you should have…


Various Guides Speak on Bodywork Process and Incarnation History

Sunday, January 11th, 2004

Divinity, I see a glimpse of what is manifesting, do I not? Pieces are falling into my lap. I ask for more concrete guidance from you and my guides. You know I need still to have written instructions.


Jess, good morning and what a glorious day. It is beautiful. The sun is shining cleanly and brightly. I have things to talk about. Yes, lets talk.


The thirteen-chakra system is bogus as you see it on the internet and read about it. It has expanded now beyond what has been written. I took you through the steps this morning in your meditation three times. Remember those spots. They are the places for energy collection and balancing. You see the progression from Indian and Egyptian systems to what is mistakenly called the indigo/angel child state. The warp and weave of the Earth’s matrix keeps changing and the chakras now must include the whole body. The whole body is a package for the Light of My Kingdom. I use that term deliberately and specifically. I am the “ruler,” not man and his desire to control power. I am the leader and the source. I am Me. You are Me. Everything is Me. There is no separation, no death, no “not-Me.” I am all. I am The Infinite. I am Harmonious, as you said.


Let’s begin to work the work. You are here to balance and heal. Yes, that is a word you can now use. Healing in the sense of connection with Me. There are no problems if you are connected. Connected to the Universal Energy. All these systems and methods are their version of the simple truth—that you are part of Me and must want to be connected. Why would you not?


…. It all is part of a chain of beings. You all are one part of one thing. Everything you do and everyone you meet is part of the fabric of who you are and what you are here to do. Your choices determine their effect and their validity for you.


Will you talk more about the steps for the body process? Also specific directions for the web pages that I am not realizing?


The body process is complete. You know what you need to know to proceed with it. The Big Draw is not necessary as described. You felt yourself that it was an intrusion. As orgasm approaches, simply have the person hold their breath and feel the energy move up and around. Then balance the 13 chakras as I described them to you, starting with the feet left side. Left side (ankle, knee), right side (ankle, knee), genitals, navel/waistline, sternum/midback, chest-heart/upper back, throat, chin-nose-face/top of spine, forehead-third eye/back of head, hairline-top of brow/crown of hair, top of head. The space below the feet is important as a repository of energy and connection with the Earth. The space above is the beginning of the link to the universal mer-ka-bah, to use that word.


There is energy all around the body, too. Yes, left brain controls the right side, right brain controls the left side. Which is dominant?


Who is telling me all this? Morrnah? Divinity?


Ha! It is all of us—we all talking at once. Kireal is here too….It’s a group of light. You are a group of light.


Will you talk more about Atlantis and my work with rose quartz?


You were there—this is Morrnah—we were there about 10,000 years ago, at the time of the break up. The final breakup. You worked in a temple drawing and focusing the rose rays. The rose rays influenced and protected art and love and communication. You were a healer in the sense that you revitalized everyone who came in contact with your temple rays. You used music and art with color to energize the heart vibrations. We bathed in the color and the rays given off by the crystal. You didn’t have to use hands-on touch then because we were open and receptive to the energy of the rose quartz rays.


Now you must touch the person to connect and energize. The 13 chakras you learned from Fabien are the areas to go to. You wouldn’t have learned all those things if I didn’t have a use for you to take them and develop a new modality I have given you. It is all part of a piece. You remember parts of it, you connect with parts of it. You have spent your life preparing for the process of elements you will now use. I am thrilled.


The body process is a special discipline you wanted to do and are attuned to do in this life. Men and women have separate and unique problems and blocks. You understand both men and women by being gay, to use that word. Men have gotten completely out of balance with the feminine. They are afraid to use that side of themselves. They are afraid that you will touch them and force them to acknowledge that side of themselves. Bullshit and balderdash! That’s a good combination—no? This has got to stop. This is what you need to do with men, in addition to what you need to do with everyone in terms of the arts process. Use arts for healing. You’ve always done that. You are part of the thread of souls/energy that is connected with the arts. You have always taken that role in raising yourself back to Divinity. Earth is an interesting process, and you have chosen one of the most rarified and precious ways to return to the love of the Divine. This process—these processes—cut to the chase and let you address these issues directly. It’s hands-on, as it were.




No, not really. Only this: use your talents accordingly and in outrageous proportions. You have such gifts. Don’t ignore them again. Until later, Azreal.


One final question, if you will. Can you tell me more of these “famous” people I am suppose to have been. I understand that there is one thread that splits into various embodiments in various ages to do pieces of the special purpose. Is that correct?


Ah. [Divinity]. The souls are all of one piece—Me. I allow myself to split into innumerable fragments to experience everything I have created—which itself is immense and immeasurable. There is a thread connected with the arts, as opposed to science, as opposed to business, as opposed to religion—too many subdivisions to name. A thread of energy that vibrates in those frequencies alone. You are part of that thread. You have explored the relationship between arts and politics, how one influences the other and forces man to raise his energy vibrations higher as a result. This has been your purpose and your role/assignment in life after life here on Earth and elsewhere. You have been parts of the warp and woof of the energies making up many lives that have explored these issues. Sometimes you have been more artistic, sometimes more political. You have looked at the issues thoroughly for lifetime after lifetime.


You came back to explore this again, but you forgot your role. You got distracted and caught up in work and routine. You became mindless and dull/tarnished. I came after you. Yes. It is time you remember and fulfill your purpose. .. You have lived everywhere and done everything. You have an appetite for experience and knowledge/understanding. This life was intended to be a culmination, but you got off the track. I came looking for you because your work is too precious to loose again. Start now. The healing has begun for you and for the world.


Kirael Speaks on My History as Azreal

Saturday, January 3rd, 2004

I ask for comments. I understand what Kirael was saying about the future being what we/I make it. Will you comment on that?


Jess. This is soul speak, is it not? Should I use an Irish accent? This is what I want to say to you this evening. You are on the verge of a major new life path—it’s more than a style. You have come here to help people, and men particularly. Men have lost their sense of the feminine. They’re all yang and very little yin. The process will help them re-connect with that side of themselves. I’m talking about the physical, sex process. It is taking shape just as you hoped it would. It will be an amazing thing to be able to offer when it is up and running…


In terms of predictions, are statements true because I believe they are true? When I ask for directions, do I just hear back my interpretations of events?


Well, that’s a good question. The truth is unreliable, it is what you make it to be. They are different versions but each is equally valid because the person believed in his version. When we give you hints, they are just that—hints. Suggestions for you to follow or not. You make a choice and it becomes important to you because of that. You arrange the weave so that it because an actuality for you.  That is why is so important and crucial that you always determine what is the truth for you so that you know how to proceed.


I am tired, it seems. Do you have final words to close with?


Ah, Jess, me boy. I can also use the name Azreal, once you spell it correctly. That was the name given to you many of thousands of years ago on the island we call Atlantis. You came to Earth without much baggage at that point. You arrived to process the energy for the country’s political ambitions. They were good when you arrived—so to speak—but they deteriorated as you lived. Inhuman activities in the name of humanity. Overweening pride and ambition took over. You were one of the watchers at the rose flame. It brought peace and love to the island and radiated out its wavelengths and vibrations. You stayed there until almost the end and then you migrated to India and Egypt. You preserved much of your understandings and practices. The rose quartz became the means to the end of the world. Love is the key. You generated love and purity in love.


Yes, you were one of the Hebrews that arrived on Atlantis [as referred to Drunvalo Melchizadek’s The Flower of Life series]. You cared for the arts and generated powerful energy for creation through the rose quartz. It is time to relight the rose and move/hold it proudly.

Divinity on Re-Tuning the Body Process

Friday, January 2nd, 2004

Divinity, on this second day of the New Year, I ask you to guide me further. I sense that the information from yesterday will be important. How does it fit in? How do I reconcile it? Is thee a preferred method for me that I can’t see?


Jess. Happy New Year. This will be an amazing and eventful year for you and for the world. You know some of what will happen—at least you have an idea—and let me tell you that this and much more will happen—good and bad, to your way of thinking. But what is good or bad? Hmm…Bad is where I am not. Nothing else. Everything is good if I am there.


Let talk about your Egyptian process. Yes, you were already incorporating much of that into what you were doing. The Tantric concept is similar and good, but it is limited. The Egyptians took the ideas much further. So did the Mayas, but that is not as accessible to you at this point.


I want to understand more clearly about the role of orgasm and ejaculation. It seemed they were confused in the ankh explanation.


Orgasm is the spread of sexual energy. It is the strongest generator man has for chi usage. The prana comes in and man uses it though sexual generation. Be not mistaken. Sex infuses everything. Every idea and concept is based in sex—which is movement, going from one thing to another, joining, becoming. Not changing, merging.


The process needs to use orgasm. Most men don’t know how to control orgasm without ejaculating. A select group is cultivating that technique, but most don’t have a clue. The physical process will inevitably involve ejaculation. The trick is to retain the energy. The Big Draw is a version of the ankh practice. Let them clench just before shooting, if they can. Hold the energy, visualize it going around the circuit and coming back down. The breath matters. This is a version of the Microcosmic Orbit. The same concept.


8 or 13 chakras?


Ah. You have been using 13, have you not? The extra points connect with other chakra areas.


Lets talk about the Tantric Reiki process. Begin with the Reiki circle. Start with the feet and go up and around. Start face down. This circles them with energy from the outside. Then go work on the hands and feet. Spread the legs and then go work on the back and neck. Slide down to the buttocks and circle the energy areas—the coccyx and the asshole. Then go work up the legs on the backside. End at the ass. Work on the other energy areas—the penis, the balls, and the perineum. Counterclockwise. You want them energized. Inside the ass is fine. There are many nerve endings there that need to be activated.  Have them turn over now. Go to the head and work the barriers. Work your way down the chest. Have them hold your hips as you lean over them. Work down to the pubes. Circle back up. Go to the feet. Lift the legs and stroke the undersides. Work up both legs to the balls and groin. Then go work on the stomach. Rub around the base of the cock as you circle the abdomen. Tweak the nipples. Then go begin working directly on the cock and balls. Start with the perineum and the balls. Get them loose and hanging. Then move up to the cock. Clockwise stroke, twisting, pulling in reverse directions. SLOWLY. Time it to the music. Always time it to the music. Have talked about this before you start. As they approach orgasm and ejaculation, tell them to clench and hold their breath—15 seconds or so—imagine the circuit—breath more and then release slowly. Just as Drunvalo described. Let them lie there. Cover them up.


How about chakra balancing with the cock?


That can come there. After the draw. Spreading out the energy and focusing it.  Hold the cock and balance the 13 front chakras. Including the 13th.  End by holding the heart and the cock. Release whatever thoughts you have generated during the session.



We will talk more later. You have to go.