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Divinity Speaks on My Past and My Future

Sunday, December 19th, 2004

Divinity, I ask for Words this evening. I feel good. Thank you for letting me see the processes again. I ask for guidance and direction in the next few days.



Yes, Jess. It’s time to talk again. How are you this evening? I know you are good. You feel a new sense of purpose. A new sense of accomplishment. You see yourself as a player. A composer. A bodyworker. A special person with an insight into what is moving people forward. This is good. You should feel good. The clean house is a symptom of your cleaning inside. You are fresher and renewed. This too is good.


The next few days are going to be difficult politically. Take them in stride. Let what happens happen. Don’t try to help. Don’t try to explain. Just be sympathetic and compassionate. Yes, that is the word. I’m not telling you what is going to happen, but something will, something major will. It will be for the good ultimately, even though it may not seem so at the time. Never worry for yourself. You are safe. You are protected. You have many angels around you. You can feel their energy flooding into you.  They are your phalanx…


Shall I talk about the future? There will come a time when all the troubles you see and imagine now are no longer there. This is my plan. This is the purpose of your being here now. This is/was your choice to participate in this. You had many lifetimes to prepare for it. Many things you have done and experienced. Many lives you led. You were art. You were politics. You were rich. You were powerful. You were poor. You were sick. You remember glimmers of all these. More is coming back to you all the time. Your role now is the role you came to provide. You came to heal the imbalanced vibrations. What a more appropriate place than Earth over the last 10,000 years? You came from the start to conjoin with Morrnah/Sananda on Atlantis. Inner/outer. Exchange of energy. You still are doing so on some levels. That is why she/he is so enamored of you. Receive more each day. And all the others you have seen and talked to. They all have a strong bond to you. They are all aspects of you that you formed to take on various wondrous roles and now come back together. This is not pride or boasting. It is the truth. It is what all have done.  Your role was different than many. You brought your own solution. You saw what could be done and you realized you should be the one to bring it. You left your home on/in the Pleiades closer to 13,000 years ago. You came to Atlantis as one of the Hebrews from off world that provided the missing link to me and spirituality that help focus the newly emerging brain consciousness. You were not called Hebrews until much later, by the way. Morrnah/Sananda brought her love from Me to the Earth to trigger a shift inside. You helped her by spreading this gift to the lower vibrations that make up the physical body. You understood how to adapt the vibrations to make them line up and function as Man had designed himself over the eons.  This was your gift and contribution. No one knew how to do that. You brought it and many learned from you. Now is time to teach again. Now is time to heal again. Heal in the sense of allowing them to choose where to go and being able to see there was a choice.


Yes, Hatonn is your brother. Read his Pleiades connections and you will see things you remember. They will come as a pleasant surprise. He waits and is anxious to see you again.


Yes, your parents were halves of Divinity Sananda/Lady Nada. I/we all split to provide the nurturing you needed to produce your skills now. The emotional baggage you have had to deal with was left over and carried for many lifetimes. It just came to a head with your parents and your current situation. It wasn’t painful. It was just necessary to release. It was difficult for you to see this. But it had to be done before you could go further with your work. You were creating barriers that your work couldn’t overcome. They had to go. They had to be released.

Divinity Speaks on Sex and Bodywork as a Spiritual Process

Sunday, November 14th, 2004

Divinity, it seems your Word from last week is falling into place. Or at least has the possibility if I pursue it more openly. I ask for your guidance again. Or guidance from anyone. I ask more about the songs. I ask more about the bodywork. I ask more about the workshops this summer.


Jess, let’s talk—again. This is a cold gray morning. The world is cold and gray, waiting for the Light from Heaven and all the Light beings who are set to come here. Yes, the time is now. The place is ready. The sources are prepared. The mental mindset and attitudes are on and at the ready. That is a long phrase that describes the confusion that will happen. And the joy.


The Bible says no one knows when, and that is true. Only I know. I am the voice of God the Creator. I am He/She, but I am a fragment of He/She just as you. We are the same. We are the unity of all that is the One. There is nothing else. There has never been anything else. There are only manifestations and roles of difference and diversity. They are not reality in the big scheme of things. I like that phrase. There is only one reality and it is ever constant and Now. There is no not-Now. Soon you will see this. Soon you will understand this even more and better than you do now…


The sex process is growing and continuing. It is finding its manifestation in you and your psyche. It is a spiritual process. It is the Tantric approach as you interpret it. You don’t need the mumbo-jumbo that has entrapped it over the years. You need just the idea that sex is spiritual. That sex in whatever form is a means for connecting with my energy. Your energy. Our energy. The Universe’s energy. The Creator’s energy. This is all one thing. How can man deny its purpose and use? He has distorted and perverted it over the years, but its efficacy is still there to connect with energy and another person. Find it more and more and deeper and deeper.


The bodywork is the means and the direction for you to explore this. Be open to experimenting there. It is safe and protected for you to learn. You will attract the people you need. Don’t let the blocks and conflicts interfere with your patience and persistence.


Let’s talk about workshops. There are many that will present themselves. You are at a place where you need to develop your own and talk about the process you have been given and realize. Yes it is yours. You should talk about it. ..


The work you are doing is going away. The government shift is in process, just as you and your bodywork work are in process. People will see the truth and the real reasons for collaborative work together. You will have everything you need. I will take care of you. Pay bills for now. We will soon not need that crutch.

Divinity Speaks More on Sex in Relationships

Saturday, November 6th, 2004

Divinity, I want to talk more one on one. I ask for further guidance.

Jess, let’s talk again now. This is a recap and a continuation of what I said earlier. This is a time of trial for you. Try many things. Don’t be afraid to risk and venture. Don’t be afraid to try what you want to. How will you learn otherwise?


Let’s talk more about the relationship. You are curious what is happening, although you tend to settle for what you think is my intent. My intent is that you have a relationship. You must have a relationship to explore the emotional links you need to explore and work with in the bodywork. Who is this person, you ask? He is someone you know. Is he someone you know, you ask? You are disgusted and disheartened about the success of the continuation. You feel he is not out there, don’t you? Ha! Of course he’s out there. You just haven’t looked closely and wisely.


What does that mean, you ask? It means you have to be more open to possibilities.


What does that mean? I want you to look for people under unusual circumstances.


Why can’t you find someone, normally, you ask? Because the person you need and are looking for is not ordinary or typical. He/she is an unusual person closely attuned with me. You will need to have someone who can help you continue your work path. Someone must know what is taking place. Someone who can also introduce you to and explore many new avenues and venues of sex.


What is that you ask? Sex is a tool you will be using. Similar to Joseph [Kramer]. You will connect to the energy through sex. I know you find this unexpected and seemingly limited. You will discover ways to make sex a part of everything. Much like the Tantra teaching you knew so long ago. You see the resonance to what you are interested in today. They are strict parallels…


How will you do this? First you must find your lover. You must learn to open yourself up and find the limitless range of energy and connection to me that is possible through sex.


Can you have steps? Ha, ha. Well, you walk as normally. Look behind you. Look in front of you.


I understand your frustration. Lighten up. Look at the situation as a game. Find a suitable player. Find someone you can give yourself to and lose yourself in.

Divinity Speaks on How True Sex Is Connected With Him

Sunday, October 31st, 2004

Divinity, I ask for additional words of guidance. Help me have insight into what I’m seeing. Help me see the direction I should go.

Jess, let’s talk now. You are on the verge of a major discovery. You see it and you don’t want to see it. … This will involve you becoming a sexual guru. What is sex, you ask? Sex is connection with me. Sex is the union of Oneness of Energy. All is energy. All is sex. All is me. All is you. …


You must offer these things, these connections, this sex, to others. You know how it is connected to me. I will help you explain it. I will find with you the people you need to meet and work with.


The chakras are connected. Each of the seven or thirteen—as you prefer—are connected to aspects of me, aspects of you. Energy in a vortex. Whirling energy. The circles of energy give off light from you. You connect with people through this light. Everyone can, but you do it now. Think of me as you connect—on the table, or in bed. Lying down is relaxing to the physical body. Your bodywork further takes the body to its spiritual verge. What a verge! You know these things. You created this process. Find it again. Let it work through and for you. You clean yourself as you help clean others. The more you do the cleaner you get.


You want to talk about the election, the future? Ha! The election and the future are what you make it. Do you want Peace? Then create it, and it is so. How will you know if you have created it? You will see it. And I tell you, you have created it. Yes, it will manifest. ..This has been the plan forever. The steps have been the steps you all have chosen and agreed to before you ever came here. Let your awareness open doors and clear away the vestiges of darkness. It is what you designed and agreed to do in this incarnation. Own this and assess your role. Follow your blueprint. Each knows his/her blueprint. Each is following their game plan path. Each is the person they chose to be this time around. See what you can learn. We have learned so much from you Masterful Leaders. …


You are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. You must let it go. You must breath and relax and feel my love. Why did you do that, you ask? You wanted a sense of responsibility. To artists. To emotional misconnections. To people with disfigurements. To yourself as you created yourself. You took on a split soul to experience that dialogue. You are now free. You are now open to me. You are now a vessel for my light…. Let it shine through your hands. Let it shine in your smile. Let it shine in my ways of working through you. Listen and be aware and happy.

Divinity Speaks More on My Pleiades Background

Sunday, October 10th, 2004

Divinity, I want to have you speak to me at whatever range I need. I am curious about the text, I am curious about my family, I am curious about the conference and workshop in LI. But whatever I should hear.


Jess, good morning again. You come to Me on Sunday as is/was your custom in many lives. You have a repeated pattern that can’t be overcome. Yet it is not a bad pattern. You are receptive and open to my comments and Words.


So let’s start. You are going to find that your work is taking a directional change soon. This is as you expected and predicted…This is a truth and a needed end to kaliyuga. This is the end of this cycle. Everything is cyclic like breath—going in and out, returning…


Now let’s talk about you. More about you. The Pleiades connection is real. You are a star child from that constellation, as you call it here. You and your true “family,” whatever that means, are from that part of the Universe. You are part of the weave of the arts that heal and take other vibrations to a different frequency. Your name is Azreal and you have been on Earth since the time of the upheaval in Atlantis. You came to bring your healing arts to the continent in the hope of stabilizing the imbalance you were aware of and seeing in evidence in the wobble that was developing in Mother Earth’s vibrational pattern. You felt your art and skill would resolve the uneven imbalances and allow/show people a different route to re-align their energy source to the Universe.


The bodywork you do now is a method you brought from the Pleiades. The list of composers and sounds that Morrnah brought through Sharon was your list and the array of composers you lined up to write in those particular styles. They agreed to take your list and construct sounds that would be used now for the healing that will come. They chose to live the lives they had in order to create the music you would need. This is an amazing group of souls who are working together for healing Mother Earth and lifting the hu-mans on the planet to their true higher vibration. You are all part of the same soul group—composers, artists, writers. You have all known each other over and over and have all worked to influence each other in your various lives. You are here now because it was your list originally and you are the “master” soul who will take the intertwined offerings and use it to take men—and women—to a higher level of vibration. Never doubt your efficacy. Never doubt your purpose. Never doubt your ability to use all that you know and have known.


Yes, astounding, isn’t it, to your way of thinking at the present? It is real and there is more. This is only the tip of your iceberg, as it were. The Earth will be changing as you read. The continents will re-appear and poles will coalesce. The waters will rise to become the firmament again. And there will be a new Heaven and a new Earth, saith the Lord. This will happen as it needs to. Man cannot change this, only help it along and prepare for it. The ascended masters who are Man know this and are aware that it is happening in the part of their mind they don’t recognize. Yes, I will open the portal for you to remember and understand these things. The healing stream is already part of the current of what you are doing. You just now begin to recognize the currents you are floating in. They are all around you. They are part of you and intermingle with your energy. Ride the flow.