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Divinity Speaks on Azreal History in Earth Incarnations

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003

[Before I started identifying different guides through individual names, I spoke to a generic Divinity. This method came from my initial teaching through the perspectives of contemporary ho’oponopono and its founder Morrnah Simeona. She was said to be an incarnation of Esu, so when messages from Divinity refer to her, I tend to regard them as referring to Esu but colored by the image of Morrnah.]


Divinity, I ask you speak to me this evening. I feel like I need guidance and direction. I don’t ask enough and I don’t listen continuously. I still need your missives and Words to direct me. I honor your conversation.


Jess. How are you this evening? Tired? Yes, I can see that. This is a time for change and re-growth. You are breaking down old patterns and generating new ones. This result is becoming evident. You have energy and balances not before. You need less sleep. You need lest rest than you want to give yourself. But you are caught still in patterns from previously. That is ok. You are growing out of these patterns. But you still have residual effects and reactions. That is normal.  You are not alone, of course. But your needs are distinctive and real to you. Honor them and listen to them. They will tell you what to do and where to go.


Tell the steps I should take next, if you will. I feel the need to have things spelled out as much as possible at this point. Is this a crutch on my part?


Structure and power indications are useful tools in charting your direction. You must know what works and what is parallel and suited to your focus. Ask and it shall be given and explained to you.


Who will explain it, You?


Of course, I will always be there, but I am talking about your guides.


Who are my guides?


Morrnah is a guide. You couldn’t ask for a better one for you and your purposes. She/Morrnah will lead you every step of the journey. Ask her and she will be there. She is already there when you attempt to connect with her. You have a long history together. She has helped you and you have helped her.


Will you tell me more about when and how?


You know already some stories. Morrnah in Atlantis. Not Lemuria. You were not there. You were an artist/healer in Atlantis. You were doing there what you will be doing here now. You were balancing energy, making it line up with universal energy/ My energy/ your energy. Morrnah was your wife, such as things like this were possible. Pairs were bonded energy; sex didn’t play as much of a role as energy blending and merging. You and she created a powerful polar energy reservoir that helped prevent the tipping that eventually did happen. By that I mean Mother Earth getting out of alignment and needing to re-align herself. A ball must roll around and shift to re-position its center of balance when it loses its equilibrium. The Earth did that. It needs to do that again now. That is why you must help create another energy pole that will counter-balance the violent shifts that will occur otherwise. You are using art, but you are preserving the energy of the planet.


Other times? Jerusalem, France?


Morrnah came back to create another pole [as Jesus]. This was an aesthetic and philosophical pole. People should have turned their back on the prevailing religious dogma. Some did and some didn’t. The seeds were planted, although the plants were clumsily re-grafted once the ideas sprouted. The whole history of religious turmoil and territoriality have little to do with the man in the camel skin robe and group of followers he attracted. My kingdom is within. Morrnah tried to explain that. Once the core is there, the person’s energy grows and spreads out as far as it wants to go. There is no stopping it, there are no boundaries, there is no guilt, or reason to regret the journey. It spreads out and touches other people on their journey. Like energy re-alignment on the table, the most powerful wave vibration causes the other vibrations to fall into place in its new terms. You were a friend she/he saw rarely but with great joy.  It was a base for re-charging.


France was another core place for you to create this polarity. You knew the world was ready for an educational and artistic renaissance/rebirth. The Gnostic ideas of individual integrity and great communion with the rest of the world stood at odds with the religious, monastic life you chose to follow. You and Morrnah kindled this core again that spread to Europe and ultimately to the West. Fabien was a bit player in the scenario. He grasped but a little and went his own way. It was important for you to re-connect with him mainly to get you to return to France and re-connect with the energy you created.


Were these the only times I connected with Morrnah in this plane?


Yes. They each had their own uniquely vital function at the time. You have also had other times here alone when you have tried to instill the ideas you and Morrnah transmitted. Lincoln was one of those. Bach was one of those. You were not Bach, but you knew him and help him channel this energy through his music. What a marvelous, wonderful springing forth of My light and energy. You have been many people in many places and at many times. You keep returning to re-kindle others. Each time is different. This time is closest to its original state. You have returned. Light is back. Azreal is at work again.


Azreal was your name in Atlantis. All those other names are variants of yours. You were all those people—at least part of the energy of all those people. The energy grid is a matrix that you weave to materialize as part or all of the people you inhabit. You are part of the energy grid that is the arts—music, painting, visual arts, dance. Flow and movement and breath and life: energy in its rarest and most rarified form. You influence and control the arts by your energy and balance. It has of late been calcified and pussy-whipped. You have not let your own art shine at anything like its intent or radiance. How dare you! I could say. But I won’t. I will just point out that you have not been taking advantage of your own luster and authority to influence other’s radiance and luster. Now is the time for both you and them to move to the next step. Together.


What beautiful comments. Thank you.



There is a bit more. You have to begin actively seeking out people to work on. You are ready and must develop your clientele. We/Morrnah will help you know and take the next steps. It will be a wondrous discovery. Open yourself to it.

Divinity Speaks More on How to Work with Sexual Energy

Sunday, November 16th, 2003

Divinity, I feel I need guidance. I sense I am cutting loose and starting in a new direction. What will I need to do to stay stable.


Jess. A good day for staying in bed and wanting to ejaculate. The energy built up some and will be the start of a new sensory awareness for you.


This is unexpected to feel coming from you. Am I so tunnel vision as not to imagine you can speak to me this way?


YES! I can speak to you about anything and everything. Don’t be mistaken that I can’t and won’t.  I am speaking to you through you, and my phrases and vocabulary are yours. I speak in your language. And I speak about the preoccupations you have. I answer the questions you have in terms you can understand based on your experiences. Don’t you think my comments sound fun and intriguing? I know what you want and what you need to open yourself up.  The more you open up, the more you are connected to me. The men all through history who have had a focus on sexual energy to the exclusion of other ways of honoring/worshiping me have lived lives closer to the truth than anyone else.


Is there a method that is purer? The Tantric ideas? The Taoist?

All methods are a product of their time. To follow them now is missing part of the point of what they conveyed when they were developed. You have to make an adjustment now. Of the ones you alluded to, the Tantric is the purest. You see that based on what you have read. Should you become a Tantric? No. Just adapt Tantric ideas to the process and the lifestyle you will develop. You are a sexual being. Worship me with your cock. Honor my essence with your essence.


Will you tell me where this may lead me?

In general terms, you will be a vehicle for sexual growth and integration. Your life will become an example of a balanced existence organized around sexual energy and regeneration. Does this surprise you? You touched upon this every time you played a recital or created a work of painting or literature.  It is all of one piece. Do not be deluded or alarmed. The sexual energy is the fuel that drives all other creation. If man is not at peace and in touch with his sexual identity or possibilities, then he is blocked from further growth as a spiritual being. Prepare to begin removing these blocks. Rather, setting up the situation where I can remove blocks that the clients offer up to me as a result of your guidance and direction. …




No more. Go to rest. Get ready for tomorrow.

Divinity Explains the Difference between the Sex Act and Sexual Energy

Saturday, November 15th, 2003

Divinity, I am curious about what I heard this morning. I have been acting upon it, but did I hear you correctly?


Sex is becoming a major item for you. You have ignored it so long that is it time to overwhelm yourself in it.


You are hearing me correctly. The act of sex and sexual energy are two different things, although they draw upon the same resources. You are preparing for an entrée into the means of generating sexual energy. Sexual energy is the fuel that drives human behavior. You must have a feel for it that goes beyond your basic ideas of self-love.  That is very one-sided—as charming and exciting as it may be.


Talk about your directions…


Yes. You are right to surmise that I want you to have a constant reminder of me. I am your cock. Sexual energy is me. Connecting with that in whatever way is a link with me. But sexual energy can be chaotic. Clear, spiritual sexual energy is focused on me. Sexual energy becomes a link with me and the universe. When you are at that point physiologically, you are touching on the spiritual essence you are.  It is clear to you, and you know it more surely there than in any other form.


What do I need to do next?


…Be reminded of me. Be aware of your sexual energy. Let it grow. Let it accumulate and spill over. Don’t ejaculate until I tell you. It will be a trial for you. Think on these things and consider the depths you will need to go. I am your master. This will teach you many things. It will not harm you, but will educate you. Let your currents flow. Let you ideas cease and stop.  Let the mind rest. You are moving with the flow flowing through your cock. Let this go for a while. I will tell you when to change or stop.


Continue masturbating and meditating. If you cum, cum. Then start again. This is not a contest or a punishment. This is an education. This is a way of learning how deeply you can connect with me. This is a way of turning yourself away from the world’s ideas. Be nude whenever you can. This is a way of stripping ideas away from your psyche too…

More instructions? Shaving? Other tools or implements?


No. Shaving is not a priority. The slickness is useful. Other tools as they present themselves.


This seems rather dictatorial and rigid. Is this a means to reach another level of freedom?


I am not laying down rules. I am indicating a pathway that will lead you to a higher level of awareness. It is your choice, of course, whether you wish to go this way or not. But it will give you more insight and a greater awareness of what other men are feeling and what they need to remove.


Let me keep to the path that will take me to great closeness with you. This will be a constant reminder of you and a suggestion to experience the closeness.


Good. You will find yourself traveling to a new place. It is time you experienced it.

Divinity Talks about Sex and Bodywork Processes

Sunday, November 9th, 2003

[For two or three years I addressed “Divinity” in my meditations without making a distinction between the guides that eventually began to identify themselves individually in various messages. In situations that are not identified as coming from Siraya or Esu Sananda, it seems most likely the speaker is Christ Michael Aton, although Azreal recently has said that he was the conduit for the others’ comments to me until about 2005. He said I didn’t yet have the ability to connect directly without his help.]

Divinity, I do feel lighter. Am I taking the right steps?


Welcome home. Absolutely. This is the beginning of your true journey. Forget the past. Forget the preconceptions. This is the way you go in the future. This is the true path for you. Feel the joy. There will be no problems. Everything will take care of itself.… It will be a wonderful new and fresh journey and existence. Think of the things you can do!


Lets talk about sex. You want to know my feelings and comments. Sex is a true merging of two energies. The erotic arousal leads to higher energy production that raises the spiritual vibration higher and brings you more in tune with your higher self and with Me. Higher energy, i.e. higher vibrations, cancels out lower vibration and raises you up to the next level. This is what you need to achieve. You are constantly working to higher levels. Your life on Earth is designed to work to higher levels, and in so doing, return to me. Sex is the prime means to generate this energy. Sexual massage does this in a confined and focused way. There is nothing “bad” about sexual massage. It causes men—and women—to release emotional blocks and touch upon their more rarified selves.


You are going to work with men. We’ve discussed this. The methods you seek to use are valid. The spectrum of modalities is an arsenal of tools you can use. This is separate from the other process. That is a different type of healing. They are both healings, but the one for men is a special kind of breaking up. They must remove those emotional, physical barriers before they can connect with their spiritual sides.


You are absolutely right not to focus on ejaculation. The significance is the energy raising—the connecting with the higher spiritual person. This is a good phrase: “Excitement is chaos; passion is a spiritual link to me.”…


I like the name “The Infinite Harmony [for your bodywork website].”  Everything is harmonious. There is only one thing and it is infinite. “Re-Tuning the Body.” “Re-Tuning the Soul.” “Re-Tuning the Energy.”


Re-Tuning the Body. Tantric Reiki combination to balance the chakras through sexual energy. Traditional hands-on work leaves the client with a higher vibration of spiritual energy through sexual arousal. Ejaculation is not the goal. Release of emotional and physical blocks to lead to higher spiritual awareness.


Re-Tuning the Soul. Multi-sensory balancing of the energy fields—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Uses music, color light vibrations, fragrances, and hands-on energy movement. All the choices are the clients’ to allow personal releasing. The bodyworker is just a facilitator for the client’s own decisions.


Re-Tuning the Energy. Long-distance energy balancing with client not present. With client’s consent, bodyworker selects music and color for client and focuses energy on client with intent to raise energy level. The vibrational energy of the Reiki connects with the absent client’s energy fields and allows directed energy re-balancing without the client being in the studio.


This is wonderful. I can see the genesis of information for the webpage..


It doesn’t matter which [host]. Look for fairness and completeness and design flexibility… This is your next project. Use as the domain name.

Divinity Speaks more on Azreal History

Tuesday, September 16th, 2003

Divinity, your Words earlier were amazing. Did I hear correctly and what should I do next?


Jess, you heard correctly—very correctly. Your name is Azreal and you are an angel. You were/are one of the hosts from Heaven. You’ve come to Earth to learn and experience. You can’t do that in Heaven—only Earth. That is why Earth is so powerful. People incarnating here intentionally have a purpose that will affect the universe. You understand bits of what that means. You on Earth can start/create a vibration that balances certain imbalances that are beyond the scope of Earth or even your room. Each person on your table is a template for others. The imbalances you re-tune affect to some degree everyone with the same imbalances.  It doesn’t matter if they are physically there or not. You are all connected and what affects one affects all.


Other work will drop away as it needs to. You will never lack for clients, as they realize the ends to which you take them.  You are a conduit and a channel for their energy. You show them how to move it so that they can feel it.


Speak to me about Azreal, if you will.


Azreal was a poet, a musician, an inventor. He was a mystic and a ruler. Ezra in the Bible was Azreal.