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Divinity Talks about Nudity and Sex

Tuesday, December 31st, 2002

Did I really hear you say do the [bodywork] session naked? If you will, talk to me about nudity and sex.


I said do the session nude for a reason. You need to feel what it’s like. You need to de-mystify the sexual part of it. It’s not about sex, although the body can be naked. You have to not be aroused. That’s distracting. It’s tied up with thoughts about sexuality on your part. It’s not good or bad, just distracting. It keeps you from being in alignment with me.


Speak more about nudity, if you will.


Nudity is me. I am nudity. That is what you didn’t expect to hear isn’t it. Nudity is not something to be ashamed of. Adam and Eve, the story goes, were naked. Nudity does not mean sex per se. It means connectedness with the universe. Clothes are like a block. They are like thoughts. They are a barrier. You think that’s funny? I am serious. Clothes are a perception anyway. You should wear clothes as little as possible.


Are you saying I should be basically a nudist?


No. That is a lifestyle that involves a protocol and a commitment. You don’t need a lifestyle. You have one already. You just need to open up to yourself. Nudity will help you do that. You keep asking if what I’m saying is correct. Don’t you trust my comments?


Yes. No holes barred then. If you will, talk about me and sex.


Ah… a thorny topic. You have great desires and you are afraid to act on them. Why is that?


Am I afraid of expressing my sexuality?


Yes. You are afraid you will be punished. By your parent, by you, by the other person. You have done nothing wrong. You will not be punished. It is not wrong to be attracted to other men…


What is this constriction on my heart?


It is fear. Don’t be afraid.


Why am I afraid?


You are not afraid. I am there…


Talk to me about sex with other people, if you will.


Sex is communion/connection. Sex is finding yourself in another person/being. You merge. The mechanics are not important per se. The closeness and intimacy are… Don’t worry about … appearance—yours or theirs—and look for you in them. Those things are flags to get your attention, but what’s inside is more important. Look for that.


I’ve asked this before. Will I find this person soon?


I’ll keep putting you off. You have to know what you want before you can find it… Look for what you want. Ask yourself if any of those things matter, and if not, then what are you looking for? Are you looking for understanding? Are you looking for honesty? Are you looking for security? Are you looking for stability? Are you looking for looks—whatever that is? Remember, the flags are what draw you to someone. They are your templates. But they don’t make up the person. Go. Do the day.

Divinity Speaks on Love, Sex, Money, Music, and War

Thursday, December 12th, 2002

What is love?


Good evening. Love is hard to define. At least hard for you to understand. Love is joining. Energy joining and combining. Everything is energy anyway. Love is a recognition of other energy and a willingness to mingle. To become one unit, one entity. People in love become one. It is more than chemical or psychological; it is bonding on a spiritual energy level so that they think and act as one. They are one. Lovers are halves of one whole. And it is a meeting and sharing of rules and responsibilities.


What is sex?


Sex is fun. Sex is a game. Sex is a way to enjoy your physicality. You reach your highest state of excitement. Your energy is most fluid and active. You are on this earth to experience physicality. How better to experience it than through sex. It is the core of your thinking because it is the most profound experience you have. It is the closest to heaven. You remember and want to find it again. But always remember what it is. Don’t lose yourself in it as an experience. Always have a perspective on its relationship to me. It is me, and you are closest to me in it. Have sex with whomever you want. Don’t place restrictions on whom you can and cannot have sex with. But remember I am there too. And it has to be with whom you really want, not just whom you think you want. Thinking gets in the way.


What is money?


Money is the root of evil, to use a phrase I coined. Money takes the place of me often, at least in people’s minds. I am always there, but these people forget. You only need what you need. Stockpiling and saving only creates worries and scenarios that lead to problems. I will provide what you need when you need it. Trust me. I will provide a way for you to pay your bills.


What about me and music?


Music is your core. You will always play music. You suffer when you don’t.


What is music?


Music is the relationship of the universe. It is light. It is vibration. It is energy moving. That’s why it is recognized everywhere, at least in its basic language. People choose to be musicians because they want to impact with the world and cause it to communicate and link. Music makes people want to join together spiritually. Music causes peace. Music allows the listener to release and listen even more deeply. Music causes people to bond. They merge their being into one energy, My energy. The energy of the universe. It is a language that gives direction how to do that. And the child takes over and makes it work. And a little child shall lead them. You know the phrase? The child is playing music. There is not a higher spiritual calling than being a musician. Because you understand how this works on some intuitive level. Because you are a child. And the child wants to be nourished.


Are there things you want to tell me that I haven’t asked?


Yes. Lets talk about war. War is inevitable. There is no way around it. But I won’t let them drop a bomb. The spiritual significance of that area is too great to destroy mindlessly.  I will protect you and Iraq.  You are Iraq. There is no Iraq beyond your Iraq. Just clean. Clean yourself.


Good Night.

Divinity Explains what Love Is

Monday, December 2nd, 2002

[For two or three years I addressed “Divinity” in my meditations without making a distinction between the guides that eventually began to identify themselves individually in various messages. In situations that are not identified as coming from Siraya or Esu Sananda, it seems most likely the speaker is Christ Michael Aton, although Azreal recently has said that he was the conduit for the others’ comments to me until about 2005. He said I didn’t yet have the ability to connect directly without his help.]


I’m sorry I was hesitant.


You have no reason to be sorry. That is self-judgment. You come to me when you feel a need.


I’m not just making this up.


No. You need more verification? I have been watching you all day. …


I still have a weight on my heart.


That is more complicated and simple. You need to release your hold on your emotions. You have to let them go. You have to be able to cry. You have to be able to love. You have to reach out to people. You have to stop being aloof. Being aloof is a defense that you don’t like. You feel lonely and cut off from people. You want them to recognize/see you –the real you. You hate that people don’t like you, as you assume. They like you; you just don’t let them like you. You are afraid of them, afraid of their liking you. Let alone loving you. You aren’t even able to accept like.


What do I need to do?


What do you think you need to do? That is a trick question. You don’t need to think. What do you really feel?


I feel alone and wanting someone to call me. But when someone does I close off.


Yes, you do. Why?


I’m afraid to let myself get involved.


And why is that?


Was I rejected when I reached out in the past?


Yes. The sins of the parents are often carried over to their children. You heard that this evening, didn’t you. You don’t listen to children yourself. …


Did I start feeling worthless because I was rejected?


Interesting comment. You perceived yourself as rejected because they didn’t understand what you were asking them to understand. They didn’t follow your ideas even as a child. You weren’t doing what they expected you to do and they didn’t know how to relate to you. So they became aloof. Interesting pattern, no?


I have to realize that what I did was not wrong, don’t I?


Yes and no. Yes because you need to release it, and no because it is just a judgment you are making…


What else do you want to tell me?


I want to tell you about love. What is love? Love is an attraction between two people. It doesn’t matter who they are. It doesn’t matter what they are. You will know if you are attracted to someone. Allow the attraction to be there; don’t say it doesn’t exist. Don’t ignore it. Don’t try to hide it. Be open to whoever it is. Don’t judge. Don’t presuppose. Don’t second-guess. Don’t create a scenario that won’t allow it to be. Don’t be afraid of it. Don’t be petrified and refuse to move or say anything. Don’t assume you know whom you will be attracted to. Be open to meeting someone. Don’t hold yourself back. Just be wise and prudent. It’s important that you come to me and ask if it’s all right. I will tell you.


Will you tell me more specifics about when and the person?




Will there be an upheaval?


Love is an upheaval. Be open to whenever and whoever. They will approach you, as you wish. Just be open and receptive and it will be good.


That’s all.

Initial Comments Channeled on Aura Re-Tuning from Morrnah Simeona

Friday, May 24th, 2002

[This was the most complete description of the energy retuning process channeled by my friend for me back in 2002. This became the basis of what is now The Infinite Harmony.}

In a treatment, a combination of the spectrum color vibration selected and the composer/natural sound vibration pattern chosen works together as an agent to adjust the vibrational imbalances present in the client. The re-tuning adapts the patient’s body to the new frequency, causing the client’s unhealthy vibrations to synchronize with the healing vibrations being introduced. The selected color and music package is a means to release the toxic memories from the patient’s database.

This approach works because it is the patient’s inner child who controls the memory database—which controls the physical body—not the intellect. The patient should NOT KNOW about this process intellectually (necessarily). The sound of the music chosen and the color being used with it delights the child, who in turn joins in with the “play” by going on a journey with the music. The child won’t be attracted unless the music is appealing to the child. The color and music selected are a means to release. The patient cannot hold on to intellectual thought and release at the same time. Release happens when the patient does not think. It’s all about letting go.

Divinity does the rest of the work. The color/music initiates release by taking the child where the child can let go. Neutralizing can take effect AFTER the letting go. Thoughts that are still being held on to cannot be neutralized. We don’t control either neutralization or TRANSMUTATION, which is the next step after neutralization. Transmutation is the action that erases the thoughts and brings them to the Light, where the newly-cleaned thoughts are stored up as Divine Thought, and later parceled out by Divinity at his discretion. The whole process is completely and utterly dependent on D’s authority and discrimination after the fact of release.

From a list provided by the therapist, the patient first chooses the particular color they are drawn to. Second, they choose a sound category they are drawn to (etheric, natural, human expressions, emotions) and then an item on the list within the category they have selected. Each item has a composer or specific natural sound associated with it. The composers listed under the different categories embody those sounds in their music (e.g. Beethoven’s music is the embodiment of “elephant”). The essence of the all the compositions by that composer embodies the unique vibration of their associated natural or manmade sound, although some music is more appropriate for the relaxation necessary in a therapy setting. Incidentally, all the composers’ individual music also has its own natural color vibration (e.g. Beethoven’s music is pink).

The therapy proceeds with the patient listening to the appropriate music for their selection while relaxing in the light they have selected. The massage therapist works on the patient intuitively, adapting his or her modalities to the patient as required by the energy pattern generated by listening to the selected music. The music plays for the whole session.

The patient cycles through complimentary color pairs in a series of sessions. For instance, blue to orange, purple to yellow, red to green, if that is the color schedule selected. Then white. Then gold. Then start over, veering to the next color that calls to you and then its opposite, and so on. Stay with colors and compliments @ two weeks a pair for six weeks. Stay in WHITE for one week. That’s seven weeks. Stay in GOLD for one week for enhancement outside the cycle.

Then start the eight-week cycle again, going to the color of the pair you choose next.

You can choose indigo for either blue or purple. You can choose magenta for purple or red. You will know which “feels” right.

You put ice blue around the color for protection, even if you’ve picked ice blue as your color.