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Channeled Message on Nature of Bodywork

Wednesday, December 26th, 2001

[The following is a message my friend received that started me thinking about the nature of this work back in 2001. This was given to me before I began hearing messages myself. In looking back at the information, I am amazed at the depth of what was being handed to me. This has later been confirmed and amplified by message to me from Christ Michael and Esu. My friend channeled this from Morrnah Simeona, the founder of the modern Hawaiian school of ho’oponopono in December 2001.]


Colors (red to purple)[as well as] sounds in scale of pitches (C to C) are arranged in series of increasingly fast energy vibrations; color vibrates much faster than audible pitches, but both are energy.

Bodies are also made up of vibrating energy. Traditionally the body is viewed as having an “energetic system (chi) and a “physical system” comprising the body’s organs. This can be simplified into a network of energy being released through vibration.

When two different speeds of vibrational energies are brought next to each other, they begin to vibrate sympathetically “in tune” at the same speed.

The body gets the information that determines vibrational speeds from outside sources. Man is more balanced hearing natural sounds because they are more “in tune” with the body’s genetic vibration pattern. Man-made sounds are often intentionally at cross-purposes with the body’s preferred state. This type of input in essence feeds the body’s vibrations improperly and creates unbalanced patterns that become programmed in.

Vibrating light waves are similar moving energy. They tune with the body in the same way as sound, but more immediately and more intensely because of the much faster rate of vibration. Like different types of sounds, the different colors of light produce different kinds of interactions with the body because they are vibrating at different speeds. The wide range of the color spectrum causes a wide range of physical reactions. Red releases much more energy as part of the process.

Colors are assigned to particular individuals because their current state parallels the speed of vibration that color brings. Since colors range from slow to fast in tern of wavelength vibration (red to purple), it is logical to assign a particular color at a specific vibrational speed to an individual. High-speed individuals are purple; slow-moving individuals are red.

Natural Sounds are assigned to particular individuals because their current state lacks the input that particular speed of vibration will bring. They are out of balance—either too fast, or too slow. The new sound vibrations cause the body to begin tuning to its balanced pattern.

The colors provide intensified contexts for the sounds to begin re-tuning. The light and sound vibrations tune as they tune with the individual’s vibrations.

Certain composers embody certain natural sounds in their compositions; their music is a reflection of their own natural state. Music by these composers—even specific compositions—can substitute for the natural sounds. However, it is important that the intention of the performer parallel the statement the composer made through his music. The performer must be in tune with the composer through the music to, in turn, re-tune the listener.

By re-tuning, the individual changes as toxins are released. As a result, the prescriptions for needed sounds change. Ultimately, an individual determines what their own unique song is that creates their own balance and lightness and is able to produce their own balancing music.