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Esu Speaks on Criticism and Sexual Presumption

Friday, December 27th, 2013


Esu, chat? I have issues with sexual attitudes I perceive and with my seeming lack of association with political concerns. I feel separate and view situations from a different perspective. I feel you don’t disagree or you would have made me be more conflicted.

Yes, Jess, I’m here. You have been working through your own perceptions on many issues that you will be dealing with, quite frankly. I haven’t felt the need to interject in this process. I have trusted you to reach the most appropriate positions on these issues. We have observed your thought processes, and we have steered your ideas as appropriate.

I can say things, but I think you know what I will say. Your perception is one of more compassion than most tackling the issues. You are on the “other side,” as it were, and you see issues differently. This was the purpose of you constructing this incarnation. You saw the issues with gay men as a most crucial problem to work with, and you put yourself within the issues to be able to understand their intuitive nature.  This lifestyle, as it is called, is by and large not a rational choice. It is a deep seated compulsion that has unfortunately manifested itself in physically disruptive forms.

I’m not going to say these choices were good or bad. I’m going to say they were less supportive of the physical design you were given to manifest your spiritual nature in this dimension. It comes down to decisions that ultimately are damaging to an individual.

I’m also not going to say that the most damaging decisions are universal. They also are not made by men uniquely in the gay spectrum.  Nor are they as little understood as they were thirty years ago. So much research and understanding has been inspired by the AIDS breakout that man has raised his level of sensibility in many areas.  Man has moved to a different place in terms of his understanding of the enormous field of sexuality and cultural perceptions of the function of sex. Historical attitudes have been examined. Spiritual merging with physical actions has become a common attitude in many.  The nature of sexual understanding is more complex now.

I have told you that I don’t want to draw up a new list of prohibitions—even if actions create problems.  I want to teach that there are better choices. I want to love the individuals and tell them that there are more spiritual ways to reach a higher level of awareness.  I don’t want to condemn them and make them feel they are less than equal to anyone else just because they have become conditioned to a less than optimal set of behaviors. I’m not throwing the baby out with the bathwater, to use that phrase again.

You have lost patience with the time table for change. You feel the best thing to do is continue with the work you are involved with. You do have subliminal influence on those around you, even so. This is best for you at this point. You can’t honestly drop all your activities that are in motion. We are working on our plan. It is immense, and you don’t understand the levels of detail we must accomplish.  The calendar seasons and fast-moving days are only in your perception, you must realize. We measure our accomplishments in terms of results, not days we have left. I know this is not a consolation, but it is an explanation.

I say don’t worry about politics. I understand your frustration with insensitivity and a refusal to view a broader perception of problems. Ego is a factor in most controlling decisions. The chaos is coming to the surface, and I would suggest watching the situations with detachment and even bemusement at the extent of people’s willingness to give up control.  People have been taught not to think; only react emotionally. Their emotions have been manipulated, and people have crafted ideas they don’t understand are programmed into them.

I’ll speak also of anger. I know you feel constant criticism only feeds the anger towards some issue.  Belittling the object of criticism is a common practice. There is a sense of power and superiority in finding fault with another. Ego concerns are placated by feeling better than someone else. The physical and emotional reactions a person goes through in the act of criticism are addictive. They allow a person to transfer personal responsibility to someone they can blame for their lack of satisfaction.

People are not to blame for your discomfort. You are the responsible one. You allow yourself to be open to issues that you know will pull certain triggers. Rather than calmly teaching a better way of being aligned with the creative concept and allowing all to work together on spiritual progress, most people ignore their own role in this dialogue and blame others for being the cause of discomfort.

It is very possible that the other person’s decisions were made with no intention of harming you. You are affected only because you haven’t resolved personal issues that are irritated by other’s actions.  Piling on fault is not a way to resolve your own problems.

Defuse these situations. Don’t exacerbate them.

This advice is particularly appropriate when you are faced with situations that have developed into serious imbalances.  Gay issues are troublesome, but you can’t approach them by feeling superior and condemning those caught up in that lifestyle. You are not better than they. You are more aware, in some cases. You should not presume you know all, nor should you presume you can judge. Your work will be helping by being supportive and compassionate. You will not be judgmental and elitist. You must understand any situation before you address it. And you must have an open mind to be able to recognize the good elements within situations that are hopelessly imbalanced. There is good in all. This is Christ Michael’s Aton’s creation. He is in control. He has not allowed others to create evil within it, even if the attacks by some have manifested the negativity to such an extent there is now a war going on to wrest control.

Man still has the ability to make choices within this incarnation on Earth, although his choices have been hampered by the decision to remove direct connection with spiritual sources. The glimmer of Christ Michael’s nature that has remained within individuals is easily ignored and misinterpreted.  This myopia has caused the degree of darkness that has had to be lifted. This is being done. Light is stronger each day in terms of spiritual awareness.  The physical manifestation the dark has created, however, is uniquely challenging to overcome. It will not win, but it is a difficult adversary.  Man learns as he experiences. We learn as man experiences.

The end result is already determined. There is no chance of failure. The only unresolved issues that remain determine the direction the progression moves toward the predetermined goal. Man continues to create ideas, and we must work with the ever-changing shape of manifested creation.  Progress is made continually, even if you don’t recognize the accomplishments.

My final advice is to seek balance and compassion. Avoid being manipulated by others—whether by other’s ideas or by their direct actions. Defuse situations and teach alternatives by example or by actual teaching. The time is coming when this will be the norm, rather than the exception. I will be guiding you in this transformation.


Esu Speaks Briefly on Sex and Past Life Possibilities

Monday, October 17th, 2011


Esu, round two?

Jess, hello! Round two? LOL Not so much a round two as a continuation. This is just a conversation. We don’t have a lot to analyze at this point. You have a sense of what is appropriate and what is wrong-headed. This is always being worked on, but you have a grasp of the distinctions. There is not much to criticize in how you conduct yourself. There are some areas you can make improvements, certainly, but your commitment is there, even if weaker than it needs to be.

There is no point in talking about past lives or relationships at this time. You can see the effect this has on your decisions now. You can understand how past decisions cause behaviors now. You also see how past choices are being resolved now. This is a time for completion of aspects of yourself. You are ready to move on to a new phase and you need as little past baggage as possible. All those aspects of yourself in former lives have led to the composite you are now. This is your opportunity to utilize this composite for greater ends. You have set the elements in place and now it is time to draw upon them to help your intentions.

Sex is not really a topic of prime importance to you. You use reactions as a release, but it does not dominate your thinking. You have moments when you want to cut yourself off, but this merges into a more tranquil, meditative state that is not at odds with the physical struggle. Don’t worry about it. The focus is shifting anyway, and you see how your approach will be useful.  Your presumptions about relationships and behaviors are only cultural habits and have little to do with the purpose of sex or its most effective uses.  You know this; this was part of what your Reiki is dealing with. It will be time to go back to that soon. You will have the freedom to be able to examine the third parameters of couple relationships…

With that, I’m leaving.,


Christ Michael Speaks Briefly on Bodywork and Sexual Issues in the Future

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011


CM, comments on today?  I’m feeling like I’m falling apart, so I ask for assistance and healing. Speak of what is to come. What is happening that is secret? Why was there such a concern for these days?

Jess, I want to talk to you briefly again. ..

At this point you can stop the massages. They won’t serve much purpose now. There will be a different process you can develop later, but this is the end of most of the bodywork as it is described currently. It has served its purpose, for you and for the clients.

It is not yet time to develop the re-tuning the aura process. This will come later as an important modality. We have not forgotten your years of developing this method. It just has not had sufficient time yet to become known.

The sexual healing approach you have developed will be an important approach later. This will function as you have envisioned. We agree with the perspective you have developed. We recognize that it will be much more productive to work with sexual issues if we use a broader brush stroke that was indicated in our earlier Journal comments. As you have argued, these comments were given at a time when Earth’s population was going to be removed. A new location would require a new perspective, and our comments were geared to the differentiation that was going to be necessary. Once removed from Earth’s limitations, the spiritual laws were going to be more structured and detailed.

We see now that maintaining an acknowledgement of the range of sexual options that has developed will be a more workable starting place.  I am part of man, and these developments he has made are still part of me, even if they ignore me or reject me at times. Man hasn’t had the power to develop new energy or new behaviors that I haven’t already considered.

The time is still a secret. We could suggest some things about to take place, but they are meaningless without our universal context. They won’t have the effect they intend. Don’t be concerned with attacks or shortages. These will be made to serve our purposes.

This is enough for today. Rest well and feel better tomorrow.


Azreal Speaks on Art, Healing, and Relationships

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Azreal, I give you this opportunity to speak as you will. I ask for comments from your perspective as changes loom.

Jess, I am here as always. I surround you and speak to your thoughts and interests. I explore the world through your observations and comments.

I have many things to say, but now is not the precise time for most of them. Much is happening in the world. Many attitudes are confused and hurtful. Many behaviors are misguided or blindly following misperceptions of the true situation. Discernment is almost impossible, to be quite honest, unless something is evaluated by asking for confirmation of its truth.

I feel it is necessary to comment on the topics I have asked you to cover on the website. These are broader subject matters than the single word descriptions suggest. Art has implications with creation and man’s perception of his world.  Healing is concerned with his relation to his surroundings and himself. Sex is more than physical endeavors. It also addresses what love is and how man negotiates relationships with other.

Beyond the elements of artistic expression and creativity, the subject of art relates to how the physical world is perceived through man’s senses and his emotional reactions. What causes him to create and how does this happen in a way that is labeled creative? How does he find an idea that relates to his own experiences and feel the need to formalize that concept in the shape of a material object?

This comes about through his need to create. Man is seeking what he has forgotten when he incarnated on Earth and is attempting to find a way to rediscover this. The ideas he has that resonate as true are his vision of things more perfect and harmonious. The language man has created to communicate these true ideas are what has developed into artistic expression. Man expresses his thoughts in various ways. The technique of music composition allows him to encode his emotions in a way that communicates directly through sound vibrations. The note sequences speak to the listener through a genetic understanding. A listener recognizes the composer’s awareness of a universal relationship that goes beyond the notes themselves. Visual art causes the viewer to experience the concepts viscerally, reacting physically to the spectrum of colors chosen to communicate the painter’s ideas. Literary creations address the reader’s mental perceptions of spoken communication, as well as his sense of proportion and balance.

The realities of true universal creation are symbolized in man’s art. Man has devised artistic technique to relay these realities to the broadest audience. Man’s nature understands these symbols because they are built into his DNA. They speak the language of creation.

Man’s need to find these universal realities also guides his individual choices and the results these choices create for him. An incomplete understanding of these truths causes an imbalance that manifests mentally, emotionally, or physically. This misconception leads to false conclusions, which lead to entrenched reactions and preconceptions. These false perceptions take physical form through distortions or diseases that seek to counter or augment these misperceptions. To find healing, man must align his ideas to universal truths.

Relationships are indications of how man reacts to others. Personal misconceptions carry over into imbalanced reactions. Man’s perception of himself colors his dealings with other people and his surroundings. These reactions can be at a distance or they can be intimate, in terms of direct physical interaction. Balanced individual perceptions mean a spiritual discernment in personal behavior. Reactions with others, even at the most physically intimate level should be shaped ideally by individual spiritual awareness.  Just as a physical imbalance within one person can lead to visible manifestations of disease or impairment, so can the parameters of an intimate relationship reflect the misperceptions of the way people should interact. Sexual understanding in large part has developed on misperceptions of personal worth or spiritual balance. Man’s sexual attitudes focus on the end result and not on why people get to that point. Sexual interaction is the most complex physical dialogue that man has developed to allow him to communicate most fully with another, but his lack of spiritual understanding has caused sexuality to be out of alignment, as well.

I want man to begin to understand how spiritual balance is necessary for his truest existence on Earth. I have brought tools to allow him to describe the goals he seeks to express, and I want man to interpret these symbols. Art is an outward manifestation of an inner perception; a relationship is the outworking of personal perceptions between more than one person. Art is healing. The balance necessary for healing is embodied in art. The truest sexual dialogue is between people with an understanding of balance and harmony.

I will speak more,


Esu Speaks on Love and Connecting to Source

Sunday, December 26th, 2010


Esu, I ask for an update and more commentary on our connection here on Earth with Universal truth. Speak as you can on the timetable and our role. Speak to your expectations of what we need to do to work to your vision for us.

Jess, yes, I am here.The schedule of events as you call it has been tweaked again to allow more impact and produce a wider acceptance of what will take place. Certain events are planned and inevitable, and these happenings will determine the range of choices you inhabitants will make.