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Azreal Speaks on Future Directions

Monday, January 22nd, 2018


Azeal, I think it’s time to talk more. Given the revelations that are coming, I would like to hear more specifics, if that is possible. I suspect some future directions are brewing.

Jess, good evening. This is Azreal. I realize you think this is a strange arrangement—talking to yourself—but this is what it is. You are a portion of me that is experiencing Earth. You have constructed yourself as an artist with sensitivity to how art works as an aesthetic focus. You can see the relationships that are there with political perspectives, and also the economic worth of art activities.

You are playing on the strengths you developed as an art expert. I say that in a broader sense than you suspect. We’ve talked about this a bit. You were instrumental in developing the mystique and focus that man has in relationship with what he calls art. Art is the example he has of higher truths. It is the embodiment of ideas that come from more spiritual planes. You brought ways for him to access this—even realize it in the first place. You gave this intuitive connection a formality and a shape. Man could grasp this linkage as a tool and link to higher methods of understanding and perceiving.

Your job the last twenty years has enabled you to hone this perception on art and find ways to express this influence. You have done this by telling others how to shape their artistic endeavors. You have done this by creating guidelines and criteria they can use to judge what they are learning to shape themselves. You established goals and provided ways others could assess their progress.

This career has not been useless in the long run. You have learned how to incorporate art into a way of living. This is not a minor realization. You will always be able to draw upon the successes that have happened. Once you are working on higher levels, you still will be able to remember these elemental experiments.

This will change as it must. Your next role will be as a communicator. You have the necessary background to speak about any topic, and you are developing the skills to know what to express. Esu is planning on using you as his voice. This is still an active plan. You have been working on your own spiritual perceptions and attitudes, but your function later will be more as a conduit. You will be able to both speak and write. These comments are most valuable and worth salvaging.

I can’t tell you the exact time when this is going to start, but the soon is actually soon. You have seen comments about when, and they are pretty accurate. The trigger has to be pulled, but things are all in place. You will find the transition easy. Just go about doing what you are doing, and it will overtake you.

I’ll talk a little about the distant future. You have heard us say that you are moving into a new role. This is in line with what Ben said. It is time for a new chapter to begin in creating and expanding the vision of first source. This is a revolutionary moment. It is also an unbelievably remarkable situation for you to experience. That is not to say you haven’t already experienced remarkable events. You know those at least by awareness and some descriptions by me and others. You—I should say I—have been crucial in developing aspects of what you see now as the Universe. Even the Grand Universe.

Because you/we have been so integral in developing what is now, we feel it is appropriate to broaden our role into a more actively creative one. This involves becoming a new type of Christ Michael that combines your experience as a teacher with that of an arranger. You will move at some point in the future into your own universe. What insight you/I will have by then! Think on that as you can.

I think this is sufficient for you this evening. More later.


Siraya Speaks on the Big Picture of What is Happening on Earth

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Siraya, I ask for commentary from you this evening. Speak of the larger picture of what is happening here, and give me more insight into our history and contact. I feel time is shifting to a new stream and I ask for more awareness and commitment to what is best alignment with Source and Christ Michael Aton.

Jess, this is Siraya. The spelling is not important. I will speak to you again this evening as a context for what you are currently experiencing.

Much of the Earth is due for change. It is time to move the physical manifestation of this concept to a new form. This change is due to many factors, most of which you would not understand. What is change, you ask?


Siraya Discusses the Direction Planet Earth is Taking in Ascension

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Is there a message you want to send through me?

Yes, Jess. This is Siraya. I have much to say regarding the course your Universe and your planet Earth are taking at present. This is the time of completion and renewal. Source has decided that this is the moment when ascension begins. The working out of this decision will take the Earth time it takes. Certain parameters have to be in place for the decision to manifest itself fully in your physical reality. This is a place of slow moving vibration, and materialization in your form is not instantaneous. Your thoughts are connected to our thoughts, but the effects of your existence’s movements take your time to achieve. (more…)

Siraya Speaks on Earth’s Unique Ascension Scenario

Monday, April 19th, 2010

There is a message that is ready for me to receive, it seems. Speak clearly to me and identify yourself for posting purposes. I am curious about comments from Siraya/Surea, but I will be pleased to accept what comes.

Jess , this is Siraya. It makes no difference how you spell the name; both are approximations of what is given me. There are things I will to tell you, but tomorrow is a better time for your concentration. We will resume this then. I wish to speak of the relationships in the universe and how Earth’s ascension scenario is a unique manifestation. (more…)

Azreal Speaks on His Origins and His Connection with Me

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Let’s try to connect with Azreal or my guardian angels. I ask for clarity on the connection and on how my role is part of a larger undertaking. Speak on what is happening now and give insight into what is coming.

Jess, I can speak with you. This is Azreal, as you call me. I am as you pictured me this morning. I am connected to you by a sliver thread that is an embodiment of our kinship. I am your oversoul, to use that phrase. That means I am the soul of Azreal that is connected to your portion here on Earth. I am the clearing house for how you measure ways to use the form you have selected for learning and experiencing.  I am the source of you, as it were, that provides the template you seek to replicate or recover. (more…)