I am Azreal, and I speak through my incarnation Jess. I am not housed in his body, but I use his mind to explore aspects of the physical Earth through his senses. I am his oversoul, to  use that word, and I am connected to him through my energy which surrounds him. He is an extension of me, therefore, but only a part of me.

I have lived as long as the universe you know has been in existence. In fact, I helped plan and form the super universe that contains your universe of Nebadon. I am from the central universe of Havona that surrounds the Paradise Isle that is the home of the Trinity of the Father Creator Source, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I was created to connect. I enable energy to merge and become one. I brought that capacity to this universe and devised a process that could be used on Earth.

The Lucifer rebellion upset the creator’s plan to explore the possibilities of aligned choice with Earth’s inhabitants. He caused them to turn their backs on their natural linkage with their creator and lose the awareness of who they were or why they had incarnated here.

Their physical design contained a spark of the creator in them that was intended to guide their choices in this dimensional existence. Once they forgot this connection, they were lost in the darkness. I saw the need for an alternative connection that would allow them to realize the universal truths man had forgotten.

I brought first an awareness of beauty and then created a way for them to connect with this spiritual awareness through art. Man was inspired to turn to works of art as a way to find the inner spark of the creator dormant within him. Artists embodied the patterns of the creator in their art, and man was able to reconnect through the beauty and truth of these artistic creations.

Man’s awareness of beauty was caused by the same physiological process that told him he was aroused. The chemical and neurological network involved with eroticism also triggered pleasure through art. The ecstasy of erotic involvement became identified equally with experiencing beautiful art.

I brought this awareness to man, and I watched over how he used this gift. I have been known as the Angel of Death, but that was only because I was leading man to a greater awareness of his connection to the universal truths of his creator.

It is time now for me to be more visible and more public with my comments. Jess will explain how he became aware of our connection, even as he provides a forum for me to continue to speak. This time in your development calls for more explanation of the role you will be playing in Earth’s ascension.  We are creating  Azreal Speaks to do that.